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No exercise can make you taller, you can only straighten out your spine. Lower back extensions will help, but the best solution is an inversion table

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Q: What kind of exercise can be done to make one grow taller?
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What kind of exercises help you grow taller?

There is no kind of excercise that helps you grow taller.

What kind of exercise should you do to grow in height?

There is no exercise that will reliably cause you to grow in height.

What kind of ways can make you taller?

There is nothing truly proven to make you taller and it mostly depends on your genes. Although during puberty if you eat well and exercise you may grow more than you would of you sat at home and did nothing.

What kind of lacks in the human body so that they can't grow taller?

sleep and calcium

How do you grow height after 21?

if you have wide opened lap, you can by doing perticular kind of exercise. i dont know what kind of exercise though....

Which kind of vitamin makes a plant grow taller?

Auxins make the plant grow through cell expansion and cytokinins make the plant grow through cell division.

Does basketball let you grow?

What kind of question is this ofcourse not it may get you in shape with all the running but it does not make you drown taller in anyway

Can you grow taller by drinking Nestle Nesvita?

It doesn't matter what kind of milk you are drinking, Milk helps you grow so by drinking 2 or 3 glasses of milk everyday will help you grow tall! :)

What kind of classes would you take to help you become a lawyer?

study or exercise how to grow thinking ability.

What kind of foods help you to grow taller?

Milk is very good for you, and helps to build strong bones, but I don't believe there are really any foods you can eat to help you grow taller. How tall you grow is pretty much up to genetics, and the best thing you can do is just eat healthy enough that your body has the right nutrients to grow properly according to its original plan.

What kind of exercise causes muscles to become stronger?

well any exercise will cause a muscle to grow stronger but if you mean to gain volume then you want to do anaerobic exercise (less reps more weight)

Which kind of elephant is taller?


Can an11 year old get taller?

Get plenty of rest,eat good food,stay out of trouble,and be kind and helpful to others. Doing these things should help make you grow taller,and wiser,and smarter,and funnier,and well-liked. While you were waiting for this answer,I think you grew a little taller. How's that?!

What kind of exercise are best for women health?

What kind of exercise are best for women health

What kind of additional injuries can someone encounter if their osteoporosis exercise plan is not discussed with their doctor?

Not discussing your osteoporosis exercise plan with your doctor could actually cause you to have more damage. Exercise is an important factor in minimizing osteoporosis if done correctly.

What kind the vitamin should i take in order to get taller if you are 18 year old?

the height you will grow to is dictated by your genes. the only way to alter that final height is to grossly undernourish yourself, and in doing so make yourself grow shorter - this would bring with it substantial serious health problems though, and is definitely not recommended! (for example, undernourished bones may not grow to their full length, but they will also develop osteoporosis, and be more likely to break.)there is no way to grow taller than your genes have determined. even human growth hormone will not make you do so - it will simply bring you to your final height more quickly. but it will not make you grow taller.

What kind of exercise is best to increase endurance?

Aerobic Exercise

What kind of exercise is arm circles in gym?

That is an aerobic exercise

What kind of exercise is a sprint classified as?

it is classified as an anerobic exercise

What kind of exercise is hiking?

It's an aerobic, cardio exercise.

Im going to be 14 in 4 months ive got a little facial hair ive got kind of a lot of pubic hair im 5ft5 or 5ft6 but i dont have any armpit hair will i grow taller?

I'm guessing ur a girl if not I'm sorry. u r quite tall so chances are u wont grow any taller and hair doesn't effect ur height anyway if ur a boy which I doubt U will most probs grow taller and ur hair wont effect ur height

What kind of shoes make you look taller?

A type of shoes that make you look taller are high heels. Any type of a shoe with a taller heel will give the look of increased height.

What kind of exercise do people do to increase stamina?

Aerobic cardiovascular exercise.

In what kind of exercise would you use the FITT model?

Cardio exercise

What kind of exercise would you use the FITT model?

Cardio exercise