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General Motors make a performance stainless steel cat back exhaust system for the Pontiac GTP (1997-2002). It has 2.5 inch diameter pipes and 4 inch diameter stainless steel exhaust tips. You will have to give up the original oval cast aluminum tips for this package. The system provides higher flow and a nice "throaty" sound. The part number for the package is 12498617. At the end of the day, you have to make a compromise between a performance and sound. This system creates a nice balance, but it is louder than stock.

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Q: What kind of exhaust will give you the most performance but keep the sound to near stock with the same tips on a 1999 grand prix gtp?
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What is the stock Pontiac grand am exhaust piping size?

It should be 2 in

What size is stock exhaust on a 98 grand prix gt?


What exhaust is better for your 94 Toyota pickup 4cyl 2.4 l stock exhaust or performance?

performance exhausts are always better for vehicles. Along with an increase in horsepower and torque, you will also get an increase in mpg(miles per gallon)

Will a v6 1992 Chevy sound good with a stock exhaust glasspack?

if you have an 3.1 it dont sound bad, it sounds like an v8 at idle, but not as loud

What size is stock exhaust pipe on 97 Pontiac grand gt?

I believe on the grand prix's form 97-03 it's 2.5" I own an 02 gtp.

How do you abbreviate the word performance?

In business and the stock market, you abbreviate the word performance as PERF. In the stock market, performance refers to how a stock is doing.

What is the stock exhaust piping diameter of a 3G Eclipse GS?

The stock exhaust diameter is 2 inches

What exhaust system sounds the best for the 3.8 camaros Flowmaster or Magnaflow?

dont put an exhaust on a v6 it sounds fine stock if you wanted it to sound good you should have gotten the v8

Does a cat back exhaust increase horsepower?

That term refers to the portion of the exhaust from the catalytic converter on back to where it ends at the rear of the vehicle. They generally use larger pipe than the stock system. Good systems will have mandrel-bent turns that allow the exhaust gas pass with as little back pressure as possible. The mufflers in these kits are often glasspacks to reduce back pressure. It is more of a improvement in sound than performance, it will help achieve a deeper sound that is lacking in small displacement engines and improves horsepower very little. An improvement is there but hardly worth the cost as a performance upgrade.

Will drilling holes in your stock exhaust give you the same results as a performance exhaust?

It will make the exhaust come out those holes instead of the the tail pipe. Just take your vehicle to a muffler shop and have them remove your muffler and put pipe in it's place. No restriction means more flow which means higher performance, unless your talking about a 2-stroke then don't f with it.

How can you modify your stock exhaust?

take out your OEM cat ,exhaust and header put performance ones on and it will make a difference - or make it your own way LFI put straight piping on all the way to the cat These are the parts of your exhaust 1.front pipe and tip -put on any performance universal muffler on and put a glass pack all the way to the catalytic converter or depending on what car you can find exhaust kits for it Bobby A - a true car man

Are APC Exhausts good for imports like a Mitsubishi eclipse?

They are a cheaper brand but will sound alright and let the engine breathe better than stock exhaust

Will throttle body on stock 98 v6 mustang hurt performance?

The throttle body on a stock mustang should not hurt the performance. You can always upgrade to a better performing throttle body. Unless you plan on changing things like air intake, exhaust, headers, and things of that sort you should be just fine with the stock throttle body. They are already designed for the most efficiency and power ratios.

Are stock diesel exhaust systems louder than custom diesel exhaust systems?

While stock diesel systems are very loud they are not the loudest type of exhaust you can get. To get an exhaust that is extremely loud you're going to need to go with the custom or bolt on route.

Will a 3'' downpipe fit a stock exhaust on a 98 GTP?

If you get it from a performance website (zzp,wbody,etc.) then yes it will. the flanges sizes are the same if you get the offroad. If you get the shorty, you will need a reducer.

How much does exhaust cost?

for a? rocket? rc car? motor cycle< truck,car, plane for a stove? need a bit mre year make model engine stock or performance? get it

What material is the engine valves made of?

Most stock engine valves are made from steel alloys. Higher performance/ aftermarket valves are stainless steel, Titanium or inconel (exhaust valves).

How can you increase the horsepower on a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ?

The first thing you can do is to change the stock exhaust system with an aftermarket exhaust system. In turn, you should fit a performance intake filter and either re-map the standard ECU or replace it, again with an aftermarket solution.

How do you get your stock snowmobile exhaust louder?

hollow out the muffler

Ninja 900 exhaust?

what year 900 ninja exhaust? If you want stock exhaust for a 1984-1986 Kawasaki GPz900r then I know where you can get them new.

Max boost for a 85' 300zx turbo?

10lbs of boost...after that invest in an intercooler...before that change to a performance filter and upgrade your stock exhaust; otherwise you may blow something up.

Can I get back my galaxy grand duos's stock recovery?

Yes, you can get back your Galaxy grand duo's stock recovery.

Would drilling holes in baffles of stock pipes on Honda vtx effect engine performance?

Yes is the short answer. You will want to change the jetting after you change the pipe the pipe manufacturer should have the specs for that. Most people claim more power and imagine there is since less restriction. That said I put the stock exhaust back on, I know I am weird but prefer the quiet over the deep throaty hog sound. I have not noticed any power loss in going back to stock.

What is engine lope?

Engine lope refers to the sound of an engine at idle speed. A stock engine idles very smoothly. An engine with a high performance camshaft will tend to sound more uneven. It almost takes on a sound similar to a galloping horse.

What exhaust sounds best in a 1990 Toyota pickup V6 4X4 3L?

Stock Toyota exhaust system.