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What kind of government did the colony of Virginia have?

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self governing state

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What kind of colony was Virginia?

Virginia was a Corporate colony.

Was the house of burgesses the main tobacco company of the Virginia colony?

The House of Burgesses was the legislative body of the Virginia Colony. It was part of the government, not a company of any kind.

What government did the Virginia colony?

it had a lugesture or self- government

Was the first colony to establish a representative government?

The Virginia colony was the first to establish a representative government. The House of Burgesses was established in Virginia in 1619.

What type of government does the Virginia colony?

They were Republic.

What government was established in the colony of Virginia?


What were the key people in the colony of Virginia?

the key people to the colony were the parlament and government people The main people in Virginia were English

Which was the first colony to establish a representative government?


Virginia colony government?

The governor and the House of Burgesses.

What type of democratic government features did virginia have in 1607?

The type of democratic government features that Virginia had in 1607 was a representative government. This started in Jamestown which was the capital of the Virginia colony.

The house of burgesses was part of the democratic government of the colony?


Representative government was first introduced to America in the colony of?


How did the government of the Virginia colony change over time?


What kind of voting rights did the early colony of Virginia have?


What kind of economy did Virginia Colony have?

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What kind of crops did the colony Virginia grow?

corn and tobacco

The House of Burgesses was part of the first democratic government of the colony of?


What was the political structure of Virginia as a colony?

The government of the colony of Virginia resembled England's government; a royal governer appointed justices of the peace, and it was a republic. The king appointed the governers, and the people were allowed to make the laws.

What kind of jobs were there in the colony of Virginia?

Some jobs are carpenters, farmers, blacksmiths, part of the government, a portsman, craftsman, lumberman, sailors, trappers and, fishers!

What kind of government did Massachusetts colony have?


Which American colony was the first to have a government with elected representatives?


What type of government did Virginia have as a colony?

The Virginia House of Burgesses was the first legislative body in America giving settlers the opportunity to control their own government.

What was colonial Virginia's government?

The government of Virginia from the 1600s to the late 1700s was known as the House of Burgesses. After the late 1700s, the government was renamed as the Virginia General Assembly. Then later the colony of Virginia became part of the US.

What colony is Virginia in?

There is a colony called, The colony of Virginia. It is right where the state of Virginia now sits.

Government of Virginia colony?

House of burgesses along with a royal governor. Judicial government was usually municipal.