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I'd assume that the coolant hasn't been changed in a while. Take it to a garage or if you have the tools do it yourself. If you are not having cooling issues in hot weather, then just drain and replace the coolant included the plastic expansion tank. If there are any cooling issues or leaks, then take it to a garage and ask them to test. The radiator may be clogged inside preventing a free flow of coolant. They will either flush the system or replace the radiator.

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Q: What kind of maintenance is required for the radiator of a 1996 Nissan Pathfiner 2WD with 130 thousand miles?
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Just got 62K on an 02 Civic. Maintenance required light just came on. What can be the problem?

The maintenance required light comes on aeveryfew thousand miles. After you get an oil change the mechanic is supposed to reset that for you. I would take it back and have it done, or google it and do it yourself.

How often do you change 2005 Toyota Tacoma spark plugs?

Look in the required maintenance booklet that came with the vehicle. Probably 90 or 100 thousand miles.

Is there any additional preventive maintenance beyond dealer scheduled maintenance that can keep a 1995 Accord running for several more years if has over 100 thousand miles?

Tushar, With a Honda, as long as the scheduled maintenance is followed 113K miles is not even half the life of the engine. Stick with your maintenance schedule and you will get over 300K out of your car. Just remember, DON'T PUT OFF YOUR MAINTENANCE.... Good luck, Tom

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How do you reset the 'maintenance required' light after 60 thousand miles?

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great cars, they had problems with connections to the sensors at the plugs, but they fixed that with a recall. The biggest service issue is the timing belt, has to be replaced every 60,000 miles. If you do regular maintenance cars run good and last a long time. My shop we are seeing them with 175 to 210 thousand miles running fine with regular maintenance.

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