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What kind of medicine will cure a toothache while at school?

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I do believe there is a nurse present at most schools (at least in Canada there is) so go see her. If you have any Allergies please let her know. Make an appointment ASAP for that tooth!

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What is extracted from cloves?

oil is extracted from clove which is used as a medicine, clove oil is also used in toothpaste and this oil is used as a medicine to cure toothache.

How do egyptians cure a toothache?

take a paracetamol!

Can Dolfenal drug cure toothache?


How did the tudors cure a toothache?

by saying jesus christ for mercy sake take away this toothache

What did ancient Egyptians use to cure a toothache?

fried mice eww!

What did the Ancient Egyptians believe would cure a toothache?

eating fried mice

What did the egyptians believe would cure a toothache?

They believed fried rats would

Egyptians believed what food that cure toothaches?

Egyptians believed that eating fried mice would help to cure a toothache.

How did the anicent egyptians cure a toothache?

they drilled a hole in the victims head to releive pressure

How can you cure toothache on your dog?

You can give your dog clove oil to help with the toothache. You could also take him to the vet and have the vet take care of it. An abscessed tooth will not get better by itself.

How do you cure a throbbing toothache fast?

Go to a dentist. Taking painkillers is only a temporary fix.

As herbal medicine what ailment does it cure?

folk medicine can cure warts, soar throts, stuffed noses, ect.

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the Islamic medicine is for the cure of all wills

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Men and women do take the same medicine to cure trich.

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cure with out medicine and antibiotics

Why do you need to take up medicine?

If you have an illness medicine can help cure it

Is there anything you can do about death besides medicine?

not even medicine can cure death.

Can clove heal a toothache?

It won't heal or cure a tooth problem, but biting on a whole clove can reduce the pain temporarily.

How do you cure a rash on your leg?

u get medicine for it!

Medicine man job?

to cure people

How do you cure a sick iguana?

Iguana medicine

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We can eat or drink medicine .

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What are the uses of medicine?

To cure and/or prevent disease.

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