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Ancient Egyptians ate many different kinds of food. If you were rich, you could eat whatever you wanted, lots of beef, wine, beer and cakes. Some food's everyone ate were pigeons, cranes, teal, geese, duck, bread, beans, onions, green vegetables, fruit, beer and wine.

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People ate pigeons, cranes, teal, geese, and duck. Teal is a freshwater duck that is found in America, Europe, and Asia. They also ate bread, beans, onions, and green vegetables. The Egyptians enjoyed beef the most. They did not eat that much beef because it was very expensive, because cattle needed fields of grass to eat, and that took up precious land. People ate lots of fish because they were cheap. They also ate fruit. They also bought their food at the local market.

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Q: What kind of surplus food did ancient egyptians eat?
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