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AnswerThe tables WWE use are made of plywood, it is a hardwood, but not EXTREMELY hard, it'll cause pain though AnswerNo. They're real, but there not kitchen tables. There the cheap fold tables that can break easy, but they're real. Same with TNA, WCW, & ECW>
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Q: What kind of tables does the wwe useDo they precut it?
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Are the WWE tables real?

No, the tables are imaginary

Are the tables and chairs in WWE real?


What are the rules for WWE tables match?

have to break the table on them

How do you make WWE tables?

When you fight don't fight on normal put hardcore and there will be tables but how to put cage

What is the full form of WWE TLC?

tables,ladders and chairs

Are WWE tables real?

They are real tables but are pre-cut to break easily and in a certain spot. Hopes this helps! -Brad

Is Pokemon better than WWE?

No it's not, Pokemon is never better than WWE because WWE has cool stuff like tables, chairs etc.

What type of wood are WWE tables made from?

they are usually made from chipboard

Why is there weapons under the ring in WWE?

there are tables ladders & chairs

Are WWE steel chairs real steel?

Yes they are real steel chairs! It is also real tables! They are not fake chairs and tables.

What material are the props in WWE made of?

The Tables, chairs, ladders, sledge hammers are real they are not fake, WWE gets them from Home Depot.

In a WWE tables match if you put someone through a announcers table does it still count?

No because it only works for the regular wood tables

What paperview comes before tables ladders and chairs?

WWE survivor Series

What kind of weapons do WWE use?

They use alot of stuff. For example Chairs, Wooden Tables, Ladders, 4X4 Barbed wire stick, Metal Stairs, Broken Glass and many more. But after 2007 WWE haven't used alot weapons anymore!

How do you make WWE weapons?

Wwe has lot of weapons in and around the ring like chairs ,ladders,hammer,tables, wires. Sponers.lokers,and so on .

What are the release dates for WWE TLC - Tables Ladders Chairs - 2000?

WWE TLC - Tables Ladders Chairs - 2000 was released on: USA: 2000 USA: 5 February 2002 (DVD premiere)

What is the rarest WWE DVD ever?

My thoughts is i think Tables Ladders Chairs 2009

What is a table match WWE?

A tables match in the WWE is a match where you can only win by putting you opponent through a wooden table. Sheamus won his first WWE Championship in this type of match against John Cena

Is there anounce tables in WWE 2010?

Yes of course there is, JR and Jerry 'the king' lawler will need them.

How do you superplex a WWE diva through two tables?

you ca`nt unless u get suspended

When is the WWE slammy awards 2012?

December 17 2012 following Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV

What was the first WWE tables match?

it was Kane vs edge for the world heavyweight title edge won

Will john cena win at extreme rules 2009?

no he lost to sheamus in a tables match for the wwe championship

Who won the WWE championship match out of The Miz and Randy Orton at Tables Ladders and Chairs 2010?

The Miz

Who won the wwe championship in TLC 2010?

The Miz retained it by beating Randy Orton in a Tables Match