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In a '89 Chevy Beretta the trans axle fluid is more of an oil and can be purshase at a local dealer. Its a 60 wt. synthetic oil. The fill tube is located between the motor and firewall,just under steering column at trans axle housing towards bottom of motor. It requires a funnle with a long flexable tube.

Edit by Loosenut: If its a stick use Styncromesh 89/90 if its automatic use Dextron III

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Q: What kind of trans axle fluid goes in an 89 Beretta?
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How is the new axle forced back into the trans axle after having to pry the passenger side axle from the trans axle of a 1996 Ford Aspire?

At the tip of the axle that goes into the transmission is a snap ring. Make sure this clip has the open end pointing down or you will have problems with insertion.

1990 buick regal trans-axle uses trans fluid not leaking?

i would check the vacuum hose that goes to the vacuum modulator on the transmission the vacuum modulator probably has a hole in it and the fluid is going into the engine and being burned or check your coolant the radiator may have a hole in the transmission cooler inside the radiator so check your coolant and the vacuum hose for trans fluid good luck

How many quarts of trans fluid goes in a 1979 Trans Am 350 transmission?

9-11 quarts

Chevy Suburban transmission fluid leaking into radiator?

the trans fluid on a auto trans goes through a tube in the radiator to cool the fluid if the tube has holes in it, it will leak trans fluid in to radiator. you need to replace radiator or have rebuilt.or you could put on a aux trans cooler and put plugs where the trans lines used to go.

How much fluid goes in a Dana 44 axle?

4 pints.

Will low trans fluid cause the trans to stick in first gear?

Normally no, but It is possible, Top the fluid level off, an see if the problem goes away.

What fluid goes in m5r1 trans for 95 ranger?

Mercon III

What type of fluid goes in a 94' GMC Suburban 4x4 trans case?

Dextron tranny fluid

Where do i add transmission fluid in a 1997 Oldsmobile bravada?

trans fluid goes right in tube used to check fluid level

Where is speed sensor on a 1995 dodge neon located?

It is on the back of the trans, where the passenger side axle goes in.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1999 dodge neon?

Back of the trans, in the housing that the passenger axle goes into.

What type of transmission fluid goes into a 1994 ford probe gt?

type f auto-trans fluid

Where do you put transmission fluid in a 305 engine?

Be very careful NOT to put trans fluid in an engine ! - It goes down the tube that holds trans dipstick, into the transmission.

What manule trans fluid goes in 90 crx?

the manual trans fluid runs from the brake fluid i had a 1990 Honda ef hatch an i had to fill the brake fluid an it shifted koo after that. Brake fluid operates the clutch. Do not put brake fluid into the standard transmission.

What kind of transmission fluid goes in a 1992 Plymouth Laser?

automatic trans fluid 4 (ATF-4) its for Chrysler

What type of transmission fluid goes in manual 2000 dodge neon?

you dont use tranny fluid in a manual trans you lube it

What type of transmission fluid goes into a 2001 Nissan pickup. I don't have manual.?

nissan matic d for auto trans and 75w90 for manual trans

What fluid goes in a NP249 transfercase?

The NP-249 uses Dextron II or ATF Plus/Type 7176 (or their superceding fluid type) automatic trans fluid.

What nicknames does Mark Beretta go by?

Mark Beretta goes by Beretts.

What kind of fluid goes into a 1988 Mercedes?

Motor oil, trans fluid, gear oil, power steering, washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid, gas..... Please be more specific

What kind of transmission fluid goes in a 1990 GMC 1500 sierra manual trans?

Synchromesh transmisssion fuild is what is recomened. Do not use Atf in those trans!

What type of fluid goes in a 94 jeep grand Cherokee transfer case?

Automatic trans fliud

What kind of trans fluid goes in a 2007 magnum 3.5 v-6?

Mopar ATF+4

How do you put transmission fluid in a 2000 Grand Am GT Ram Air?

On the top of the trans there is a red cap. take the cap off and the fluid goes in there.

Where do you add transmission fluid in a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

you need a funnel. stick the funnel into the hole where the trans. dipstick goes in. insert new fluid .