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What kinds of insects commonly live in washrooms?

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water bugs, roaches ants

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What kinds of insects eggs are black and yellow?

the ones that live in oil

What kinds of plants live in the understory layer?

all sorts of animals and insects live in understorey

What kinds of biting insects live in Syria?

what type of singing insect lives in Syria

What decomposers live in africa?

There are several kinds of decomposers that live in Africa. A few are termites, earthworms, insects, fungi, and bacteria.

What kinds of animals live in wetlands?

snakes, birds, frogs, insects, turtles, and alligators.Hope this was helpful.

What kind of insects and animals live in the rainforest?

Lots of animals live there like monkeys and all kinds of birds like parrots and toucans. There are also lots of frogs and different kind of insects?

What kinds of insects live in the amazon rainforest?

The rain forest is home to 2.5 million species of insects. Some of them are borer beetles, walking stick insects, zig zag beetles and rainbow grasshoppers.

What bugs live in the desert?

By 'bugs' I assume you mean insects. Ants and termites are the most common desert insects but there are also many kinds of grasshoppers, beetles, bees, wasps, scale insects and others.

Do skinks eat dead insects or live insects?

Skinks will eat dead insects and live insects. They prefer to eat the live insects because they enjoy hunting and killing them.

What kinds of animals usually live in the areas often reprented by blue on a map?


What are some invertebrates that live in the desert?

Insects of all kindsSpiders, including tarantulasScorpionsCentipedes and millipedesTicksSnails

How many insects live in Antarctica?

there are about 20 insects that live in Antarctica!!!!

Do stingray eat insects?

No. they live underwater. insects live on land.

What insects live on roses?

Green insects mainly live on roses

What are some Animals that live in the humid continental Climate and the humid subtropical Climate?

Many different kinds - Birds, Reptiles, Insects, Mammals

What kinds of insects live under dead leaves?

Beetles, ants, maybe worms, spiders, centepedes... a load more, though :p

Are there any dangerous animals in the alps?

There are several kinds of dangerous animals that live in the Alps. There are brown bears, snakes, insects, wolves, and lynx.

What kind of insects live underground?


Why do insects live in logs?

Not all insects do.

What are solitary insects?

Insects that live on their own - as opposed to social insects.

What is the only biome where insects do not live?

Insects live in every terrestrial biome, and on seashores. However, no insects exist in the ocean.

What kinds of insects live in a forest?

depends on what forest in what country. in japan you can find the Japanese beetle,fleas anywhere,flysanywhere just look at the forest.

What kinds of animals come out in the spring besides bears?

Frogs, toads, insects, some species of squirrels and rodents, etc. It really depends on where you live.

Why does a woodpecker live in a tree?

Many insects live in trees and woodpeckers eat insects.

Whear do leaf insects live?

leaf insects live up in the trees as a babby