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Around the central PA area I'm noticing a lot of decorative grasses being used. I think that might be my first choice when we install our new pool. More opinions from FAQ Farmers: * In Texas we've had great luck with vinca, petunias, begonias and pansies. We also have blue rug juniper nearby. * Our landscaper placed decorative grasses around the edge of our salt water pool and they did the survive the summer. * We've had ivy (english I believe) growing from the surrounding area into the water and it doesn't seem to die back at all.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-01 01:30:57
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Q: What kinds of plants will survive chlorine splashing on them from a nearby pool?
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Can plants grow in chlorinated water?

No. The chlorine kills anything trying to grow in the water including any plants. Of the chlorine should evaporate or if only in a small dose then some plants may survive.

Do plants need chlorine?

Chlorine is toxic to plants.

Can flowers or plants live in chlorine treated water?

Flowers or plants can not live in chlorine treated water. This is because the chlorine chemicals shutdown the organelles of the plants cells.

Can plants or animals survive bush fires?

Yes...they can run/fly away from the fire and either return after the fire or live in another area nearby.

How can plants survive in land?

Plants survive in land by the water

What does chlorine do to plants?

• Affects the movement of water in a plant during photosynthesis. • Plants absorb it through soil. • Too much chlorine can give plants brown leaves. • Not getting enough chlorine can make plants turn yellow and wilt.

Does chlorine affects the growth of plants?

Chlorine does affect the growth of many plants. When you water the plant with it it will soak in quickly and probably die the next day. So I would recommend not using chlorine to water your plants

How do plants survive in dry places?

how do plants survive in dry or wet places?

How does sunlight affect the ability of plants to survive?

Without sunlight, plants can not survive.

How do plants survive in their envirnment?

Plants survive in their environment because they adapt to their climates

Does plants need chlorine?

Not really.

The basic requirements for plants to survive are?

Plants have at least 2 very basic requirements in order to survive. Plants need both water and sunlight to survive.

What plants will survive around a pool?

As long as your plants are not in the pool or too close for getting wet with splashing,any plant will be fine but always take consideration when it comes to leaves and flowers falling in the pool,it can stain the pool's flooring so just be considerate to your pool guy and your pocket when choosing your plant.

What is chlorine Analyzer?

A Chlorine Analyzer analyzes free chlorine or total chlorine in water to monitor chlorine dosage. It is frequently used in water and waste water plants to control chlorine dosage.

Do plants need minerals to survive?

not all plants need minerals to survive but some do.

How does plants survive when eaten by animals?

they survive when the animals leave their manure after eating the plants.

Do certain plants or animals have high concentrations of chlorine?

yes some plants have high concentrations of chlorine, like fungi and rose bushes

What plants cannot survive in the desert?

Plants that can not survive in the desert are the plants that are not able to adapt to the changes in temperature that occur in the desert.

How plants survive?

by putting a water to the plants

'What plants can survive the cold and warm weather'?

many plants can survive like arnolds and wreckers

What do tropical plants need to survive?

tropical plants need sunlight, CO2 and water to survive

Why some plants can survive in desert?

Plants better adapted to conserve water survive in desert.

Why can't plants survive Mars?

There is no ozone layer for plants to survive and the temperatures change drastic.

How can plants survive under water?

Certain plants (such as underwater ones) can survive being flooded in water. Plants can survive underwater because the sun's rays can penetrate water.