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Yes, I agree with the answer below but here is some help hopefully. You are now the collector: Send them a letter--in the left corner of the envelope put your address and add "Fordwarding service requested"--maybe you will get lucky and get a copy of their new forwarding address. Go to motor vehicles department and see if the registration is being kept up in your state. You might get a new address. Check with their friends, and family to see if anyone will give you some information. Ask for a copy of the application from the lender--you will then have their social security numbers, maybe a reference with an address or phone number you can reach. If they rented- go see the manager or contact the owner- see if they left a forwarding address. Tell them you are skip tracing --NOTHING MORE!!. See if they will give you any information- like a reference, where they worked etc off the application they had. Talk to a neighbor--just say you are looking for them--do they have any idea where they might have gone!! Call or go by where they worked--see if they have a change of address for that last paycheck. Lastly Google their names--see what you can find. If you have one of the social security numbers and it means a whole lot to you--use one of the search services--looking for class mates--white pages etc. This will cost you might find them. AGAIN you can only tell people you are looking for them--it is very important you get a hold of them--leave your name and phone number if you think that whoever you are talking to knows how to reach them. Don't blow it by scaring away the information you could get. Good luck in your search!! Unfortunately, you are bound by the contract you signed and are therefore financially responsible. Nothing will change that. If your name appears on the title for the car (it must read 'joe smith AND bob jones', not 'joe smith OR bob jones'), you have a right to it and can report it as stolen. If, however, your name is not on the title, the car isn't your property. It a very expensive lesson.

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Q: What legal options does a cosigner have when the primary borrowers default on a loan and disappear with the vehicle?
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