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The Seller is only responsible for Smog in California. If the Brakes and muffler repair/replacement was agreed to "in writing" he has entered into a "contract" to fix those items. It is incumbent on the purchaser (you) to have the car checked out" by a mechanic (CSAA offers this service to their membership) the $50 is well worth avoiding the later headaches. FYI a "starter and ignition" is not considered "major" work like Engine leaks or bad transmission.. Air compressors are $900(major)..charging the system or a Maintenance(not major).The advantage generally from buying from a "dealer" or used car lot is that you do have recourse and they check out their cars before they sell them.Good luck on your next purchase.

I am suspcious that, from what you say about the state of the vehicle, it was not sufficiently inspected when you purchased it, or you paid next to nothing for it. I would recommend that you take this as a lesson for next time. A test drive and a look under the hood should have tipped you off to these problems: Did the car start correctly when you drove it? Did you test the a/c to make sure it was cold? Did you look for leaks under the car and under the hood?

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Q: What liability does a private used car seller have in regards to major repairs?
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