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What liability does a private used car seller have in regards to major repairs?


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2015-07-17 17:32:12
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The Seller is only responsible for Smog in california. If the Brakes and muffler repair/replacement was agreed to "in writing" he has entered into a "contract" to fix those items. It is incumbent on the purchaser (you) to have the car checked out" by a mechanic (CSAA offers this service to their membership) the $50 is well worth avoiding the later headaches. FYI a "starter and ignition" is not considered "major" work like Engine leaks or bad transmission.. Air compressors are $900(major)..charging the system or a Maintenance(not major).The advantage generally from buying from a "dealer" or used car lot is that you do have recourse and they check out their cars before they sell them.Good luck on your next purchase.

I am suspcious that, from what you say about the state of the vehicle, it was not sufficiently inspected when you purchased it, or you paid next to nothing for it. I would recommend that you take this as a lesson for next time. A test drive and a look under the hood should have tipped you off to these problems: Did the car start correctly when you drove it? Did you test the a/c to make sure it was cold? Did you look for leaks under the car and under the hood?


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Did you not test drive it? You should have had it inspected by a mechanic prior to purchase.

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If you are a GA resident, you do not have to pay sales tax as long is it is a private seller, even if out of state private seller.

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Extorting money from anyone sounds slightly criminal. When a buyer knows, from a reputable inspector, for example, that repairs are required to a property, the buyer can request that the seller consider that expense in the sale price. Neither the buyer nor the seller is obligated to move forward with the purchase if no agreement can be reached over repairs.

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1. Get sales pricing on comparable house sales in the same area. 2. Get a home inspection and provide seller with costs for repairs (materials + labor) to negotiate seller having repairs done or reducing house price. If you can do repairs you can save labor $. 3. Be prequalified for mortgage so that seller knows you are seriuos.

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