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A car burns oil due to overheating being one issue. Overheating can be caused by something small as a leaking seal or a blown gasket, old hoses, or as big as a crack on an engine head or even worse a crack on the engine block itself. A car can also burn oil when it is almost gone. Word to the wise always check your fluids!

Wear on the piston rings can cause oil burning. Also, missing or dried up valve seals will cause oil burning. Usually associated with high mileage or poorly maintained engines.check engine oil a least once a week as said check your people checking and taking care makes things run better & smoother

A car can burn oil if the Valve stem oil seals are leaking. This is normally because the property in which the rubber is made of gives up. Then the seal goes hard and looses its flexibility, causing oil to seep past from the cylinder Head into the cylinders (this also causes a thing known as back pressure)..... also... your pistons have little rings around them.. oil rings and scraper rings.. These sometimes wear out or stick, again causing oil to seep past them into the cylinders. This too can cause back pressure. Then it could also be down to crack cylinder block, cylinder head or maybe just a head gasket or seal.

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Q: What makes a car burn oil?
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no, you have bad piston rings

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