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What makes a car jerk and buck after it warms up?

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โˆ™ 2009-09-28 18:45:48

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Water or air in your fuel line.


spark plug wires usually or plugs but id say was the wires apso when it rains they act up also jim

check your fuel filter, if its your fuel pump you'll know soon enough.

2009-09-28 18:45:48
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What makes car buck?

It probably thinks it's a horse

What makes car jerk when the air conditioner is on?

The AC compressor puts quite a load on the engine, especially one with less cylinders. It puts a load on the engine, causing it to jerk back and forth.

Why does a car start missing when it warms up?

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When theirs a small evop leak would it cause your car to jerk?

a small evap leak would not cause your car to jerk.

When it's cold out upon starting the car it makes a crying sound until it warms up?

A simple tune-up should correct the issue.

Will your car start when the weather warms up?


How to use jerk in sentence of daily use?

Noun: The jerk of the car sent the groceries everywhere. Verb: That door sticks, you have to jerk it open.

Would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush?

would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush

What do you do to car when it is icy?

Wait until it warms up and melts

Does Low motor oil cause car to jerk?


What causes a car to Jake when driving?

Do you mean JERK?

When i put car in 4 gear car jerk?

you may not be at a high enough rpm

Why does your car jerk after shifting?

The car is attempting to find the next gear, stopping the car while finding it, and then moving on.

Why does a car jerk when accelerating?

Something to do with the transmission. Probably slipping It's the force of momentum being exerted on the car, the chassis of the car doesn't quite "catch up" with the engine itself without a transfer of momentum, or "jerk".

Why would a car jerk when you first start it up and when stopping?

What kind of car is is? When it jerk while shutting off, do you turn the key off and it sits there chugging for a second before stopping?

Why does your car jerk when you turn left?

It jerks because the gas tank is on the left side. When the tank isn't tightly screwed on it may hit the inside parts of the car causing it to jerk.

Would crank sensor cause car to stall when it warms up?


Why does the fuel pump shut off when car warms up?

it needs replacing

What makes a car jerk?

This could be the cause if an improper alignment if it happens under normal straight line driving. If the jerk is more prevalent when going on bumpy roads, it may be a sign of bad shocks or springs. If the jerk is occurring during braking situations, the problem may be related to the bearings being worn or warped discs/drums in the braking system.

Why does my car jerk when slowing between 60-65 mph?

There are several problems that could cause your car to jerk when slowing down. The most common cause would be a transmission problem.

When you are entering a car from the street do you approach from the back or front of the car?

The back, so it does not jerk forward and hit you.

Why does your car jerk when you ease off the gas?

your car must be stuck in a low gear and not able to switch out

Will a car jerk if it is low on oil?

No... sounds like an electrical problem.

What causes a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration?

One of the possible causes of a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration is that the car needs a tune up. The engine misfiring can lead it to jerk as you accelerate.

When starting a car does it need to warm up?

Todays car warms up faster if you drive it. Just drive easy