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What makes the sliding door of a 79 Dodge van B200 latch and stay closed?

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you pull UP on the handle to latch the door, may have to pull hard. Slamming may latch also but is not the correct way.

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First, remove the door's interior trim panel. This is held on by some screws, some plastic push pins, and some clips that just need a firm pull. Just remove all the screws and pins you can find, then experiment with pulling it off. Be careful not to put too much muscle into it, as you want to avoid cracking the plastic. Once you have it off, you will see two rods leading to the rear of the door. These control the lock and latch mechanisms, and are attached to the latch with plastic clips that can be disconnected with your fingers. After the latch is disconnected, remove the 3 torx screws that hold the latch to the doorframe, and the latch mechanism will drop free. If you do not have a torx bit that matches the screws, go buy one. Trying to use something else will just mangle the screws and make them harder to remove. Installation is simply the reverse of removal. If you have a helper hold the latch in place while installing the screws, it makes things a lot easier. Be sure to test all the door functions before reinstalling the interior panel.

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