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My guess would be serpentine drive belt. Also a pulley might be going out or possibly out of may also have a bearing that is about to let go

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Q: What may cause a squeaky noise when you accelerate a Honda?
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What would cause a squeaking noise when you accelerate but not when you drive faster?

Sometimes squeaky noises can be a result of a damaged belt. When you speed up, the noise goes away. You should get your car inspected by a mechanic.

When my car is cold it makes a squeaky noise when you accelerate what does this mean?

It could mean one of your timing belts are loose

1994 prism geo has squeaky noise when you start it up?

You did not define "squeaky" but if there is a shrill noise when you startup or accelerate under engine load then it could be your serpentine belts slipping. Take a look at the 3 belts and see if they are glazed (shiny). If so then it is best to replace them.

What makes a radiator make a squeaky noise?

If a radiator does not have enough time to warm up, it could end up making a squeaky noise. Also, a faulty radiator will make a squeaky noise.

What cause a squeaky noise when accelerate its a 2000 Ford Taurus lx i replaced serp-belt and idler pulley and tens-pulley but still making noise?

Have the charging system tested, I'm thinking maybe alternator is over charging and causing the belt to slip on acceleration.

What would cause a clicking noise from a back wheel when you start to drive but stop as you accelerate?

A pebble.

What causes a squeaky noise from AC vent on a Honda Pilot?

It is probably the bearings in the fan{the one in the dash} the easy way to determine is to disconnect it or pull the fuse out .

Why does your grand Cherokee limited make grinding noise when you accelerate?

A worn front wheel bearing could cause a Grand Cherokee Limited to make a grinding noise when you accelerate. There could also be a problem with one of the shafts.

What causes rubbing noise on full left lock on your Honda Civic1997?

A bad tire weight can cause a rubbing noise on full left lock on your Honda Civic 1997. A bubble on the tire can also cause this.

What noise does a guinea pig make when it cries?

A squeaky,shrill noise,although it doesn't cry tears.

94 325i BMW loud roaring noise when acceleratingLike a vacuum noise?

The cause could be your muffler. Mine has a hole in it and when I accelerate it roars, kind of like a vacuum.

What would cause a squeaking noise coming from the rear end of the car when you go over a bump in the road?

A squeaky noise can come from the back of your car if your shocks are damaged. Sometimes shocks can dry rot.

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