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What measures water pressure?

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A water pressure gauge. There is one mounted on every well pressure tank, and most well techs and some plumbers carry portable ones that can be screwed onto a garden faucet to read home pressure

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water meter measures the water pressure ,meanwhile an ammeter measures thr current of the circuit

barameter measures air pressure barameter measures air pressure

A barometer measures atmosphere pressure.

A Barometer measures atmospheric pressure.

It's usually just called a "pressure gauge", the assumption being that you know, or a label on it tells you, that it is measuring water-pressure.

A tonometer measures eye pressure.

It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.

A water column manometer measures pressure, such as the pressure output from a cpap unit used for sleep apnea.

A barometer measures pressure while a thermometer measures temperature.

Tonometry is the test that measures intraocular pressure.

A barometer measures air pressure.

a barometer measures air pressure. an anemometer measures wind speed. a thermometer measures temperature.

Barometer measures atmospheric pressure Anemometer measures wind speed

i need to explain what an absolute pressure gauge measures

The spirometer measures lung pressure in terms of volume per unit time. The spirometer also measures volumes.

A barometer measures air pressure

It measures air pressure not air.

A tool that measures air pressure in a tire or going through a pipe is called an air pressure gauge.

It measures the pressure of a fluid or gas.

A barometer measures air pressure.

Well a barometer measures air pressure.

A barometer is used to measure air pressure. It measures the atmospheric pressure using air, mercury, or water and will be shown as inches of mercury or millibars.

A pressure gauge measures blow, a vacuum gauges measures suck

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