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What might be wrong if all the power windows just stop working in your 93 Nissan Altima but there are no signs of any bad fuses?

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December 01, 2007 8:37PM

Try replacing the power window amplifiers. It is a black box

about 2"x3". There is one in each door except the front driver's

side door. They are not cheap from the dealer so try getting one

from a local junkyard.Or it could possibly be the main control

switch in the drivers side door. It is the box with controls for

all the windows on.Mine was broken after I dropped the door panel

while putting in speakers, it has a printed circuit board inside

and none of the windows would work until I replaced it.It was $98

from the dealer but easy to put in myself Did you look at the

link-fuses under the hood?? there are just inches of ther battery,,

betwen battery and driver side fender,,, See ya!

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