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There is no one answer. The entire transmission, all trans cooler lines, and the trans cooler all have fluid in them. Anything that contains fluid has the potential to leak anywhere. On a transmission there are a number of moving parts, such as input shafts and output shafts, each with a seal. That is a likely source for a leak, esp given the age of this transmission. Another likely source for a leak is the rubber cooler lines and/or the clamps. But really, the entire transmission body can leak at any seal or gasket. There are literally dozens of opportunities for a transmission to leak. The only way to find it is raise the vehicle and search out the leak.

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Q: What might cause a 1995 Ford Taurus to leak transmission fluid?
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What might cause overheating in an '85 Ford Taurus L?

It could be your thermostat how is the fluid in your radiator?

What could happin to your 1997 Ford Taurus if you put streeing fluid in your transmission?

If your car is still running, IMMEDIATELY drain the fluid from your transmission and change the filter. Then refill it with proper fluid. Hopefully you only topped up your tranny with it so there is still proper fluid in there and this might have saved you.

Why does my transmission slip on my ml320?

Your transmission might slip on your ML320 because the transmission fluid is low or because the transmission is damaged. The most common cause of transmission slip is wearing of the transmission.

What would cause a wind star's gear shift not to move after it was started it seems to be stuck in park?

well you might need to add more transmission fluid you might even have to drain your intire transmission of the fluid it has now and put more in the transmission.

How do you check manual transmission fluid on a 1988 Honda Accord dx and would low fluid cause it to not go in gear?

Should be a plug on the side of transmission Low fluid might have caused the sychonizers (?) to overheat

What might cause hesitation in the automatic transmission of a 1995 Honda Civic DX?

Weak transmission fluid pressure. The fluid goes bad after many miles of use. Have the transmission fluid and filter replaced (about $100) immediately before the transmission goes bad. A transmission for that car cost more than the car is worth.

What does the transmission code 1744 mean?

A transmission code of 1744 might mean that the transmission fluid is old and needs to be changed. It might also mean that the transmission fluid is low. Cleaning the transmission filter and adding fresh fluid will usually take care of this problem.

What might be the cause for 1995 ford Taurus with 3 Liter V6 and automatic transmission to feel slipping or sluggish when starting to shift from first to second then shifts hard when the gear changes?

The first thing I would do is change the transmission filter and fluid and have the transmission flushed. This is the cheapest thing you can do to remedy the problem, and it should be done every few years. I hope this helps you. Mark

What would cause my transmission to automatically shift out of overdrive while driving on interstate?

Your transmission might automatically shift out of overdrive while driving on the interstate because of low transmission fluid. This issue might also occur because of a bad transmission sensor or overdrive sensor.

What happens if you over fill your transmission fluid?

If you over fill your transmission fluid, you might blow out the transmission seals. It is most likely that some fluid will overflow, but no damage will occur.

Will a rear transmission seal leak cause any damage to clutch components or harm to the transmission if replaced soon and there is still fluid in the transmission?

It depends on how much fluid leaked from your transmission. 2 quarts would probably be considered ok. anything more, the transmission might start to slip intermitantly and cause internal problems. Mac's Transmissions Houston, TX 281-743-1000

Magna Automatic transmission jerks into third gear?

Check the transmission fluid first to make sure that its full. If the transmission is high mileage then it might need a filter and fluid change. If the Filter is ok then the transmission might need a rebuild.

Why does my 94 explorer engine seems to have no power?

might be your transmission. you mite have low transmission fluid.

What might cause you to suddenly get high rpm with almost no increase in mph while speeding up in a 1989 ford thunderbird with an automatic transmission about the time its in 3rd gear?

Sounds like your transmission is low in fluid.

What does it mean when the transmission light comes on and the engine makes a knocking noise?

Your transmission fluid might be low.

Where do you put the transmission fluid in 1998 Cadillac catera?

There is no dipstick to check the transmission fluid on a 1998 Cadillac Catera. It can be checked by opening the fill plug on the side of the transmission. If you are at that point you might as well change the fluid if you have over 70000 miles.

What if you have no transmission fluid?

You could cause you transmission to slip gears which will do damage to it and you will have to replace the guts in it or get a new one, i messed up mine and got new guts for it heavy duty for racing so always check transmission fluid while vehicle is running so you might not be out of transmission fluid check while vehicle is runing Trust points are greatly appreciated M-Eight Auto Modifications

What automatic transmission fluid should be used in a 1968 Chevy Nova?

ANOTHER ANSWER Technically, your 68 Nova Automatic Transmission was designed to use Dexron II transmission fluid. It's called a "friction modified" transmission fluid, meaning that it was designed to work with the internal clutches. As friction modified fluids are all slightly different, it might be best to stay with the stuff that was originally designed for the transmission, but you might be able to get more information from your locak transmission shop. ANSWER Any fluid that says dexron on it.

What would cause the transmission to make a whining noise when put into gear on a 1999 GMC Jimmy?

The torque converter might be going. but first check your fluid level.

Why is your transmission very slow to shift?

you might need a new one soon. but first check your transmission fluid.

What would cause a car to start but not move either front or back?

Check the transmission fluid level. This happened to me when the transmission oil was really low. I had to add about 4 quarts before the vehicle would move in either direction. Usually that's a transmission problem (assuming it's an automatic). Check the transmission fluid level. If the fluid is low you might be able to get the vehicle to run by adding fluid. If the fluid is low, check for leaks to keep it from happening again. If the fluid is black or dark red (red with blackened tint) your transmission has been slipping and has failed. If it's a "stick" shift, you'll probably need a new clutch/pressure plate.

Why would a 2000 Mercury Sable start to have a big vibration at low speed after changing transmission fluid?

A 2000 Mercury Sable might have a vibration at low speeds after changing the transmission fluid because of a lack of fluid or leaking fluid. Check the transmission case for leakage and check the fluid level before driving again.

2001 navigator wont go in gear?

your transmission is probably going or has gone, check for tranmission fluid leaks because there might not be enough fluid going to the transmission sensors.

1995 Taurus automatic won't shift into second gear what could be the cause of this and do I have to replace the transmission?

There are a number of tests that can be performed find the cause. The PCM ( powertrain control module)should be scanned for trouble codes. This transmission iselectronically controlled so it might just be a bad connection or a solenoid malfunctioning. This is a complicated procedure and without a transmission service manual and proper testing equipment it is impossible to diagnose.

What causes a auto transmission to be slow shifting from first to second?

An automatic transmission might be slow shifting from first to second because of low transmission fluid. You might also have damaged the gears in the transmission at the area between first and second.