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I had a 99 tracker that over heated, it was the water pump

New to this forum. I needed to expand on my question of what causes my Tracker to overheat. I have recently replaced the radiator cap and thermostat. This vehicle has about 60,000 miles and I bought it used at 50,000. It seemed well taken care of and I've had no problems till this.

Since the weather has turned chilly this thing overheats. It pushes the coolant in to the overflow bottle and overheats. I have noticed no pattern to when this happens, I can't predict with any certainty if driving conditions are causing overheating. I've been getting by till now by pouring the contents of the bottle back in the radiator. Sometimes this will get me by for a day or two, or I might only be able to go 20 miles and it overheats again. I do not detect a leak at the water pump. The inside of the radiator looks clean, what I can see I do not detect any scale or sludge.

Does anyone have any ideas? If more information is needed let me know.


1 Water pump drivebelt defective or not adjusted properly ? 2 Radiator core blocked or radiator grille dirty and restricted ? 3 Fan blades broken or cracked ?

Hi im not sure if this applies to you or not but im thinking belt slipping @ water pump or some pumps have plastic fins on the inside if they were worn or broken you would be getting very little circulation through the system.

Have you checked to see if the cooling fan clutch is still functing properly?


I actually had a very similar problem with the Tracker I bought just over a year ago. My temperature gauge would climb, but not quite enter the red zone; it would stabilize for a while then drop back to normal. I tried 2 thermostats, the serpentine belt, and a new water pump; but the problem just got worse, the gauge would go up faster and get closer to the red zone. I finally took it to the shop, and the tested for exhaust gases in the cooling system; it had a leaky head gasket. I had the head gasket replaced, and haven't had any problems with the temperature since.

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Q: What might cause a 2000 Chevrolet Tracker to overheat?
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