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Have your steering box inspected by a mechanic.

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Q: What might still be wrong with the power steering on a 92 ford aerostar xlt 4l - growls constantly like an over-steering noise replaced pump pressure hose and fluid but noise seems worse than ever?
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at what milage should the timing chain be replaced on a 95 ford aerostar

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try replacing the throttle positioner relay, 1"x1"x1/4"thick(black) b top front air intake Just had same problem with my 88 aerostar. Wouldn't idle and ran rough. Mechanic replaced MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor for $268 and now she runs great.

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in the engine compartment you have relays at lease on my 1993 i have 4 the no. 4 relay if removed car wont start try this. I have a 1990 aerostar 3.0, I shut it off and at the store, then wouldn't start, and I replaced the module on the side of the distributer and it fixed the problem.

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1988 ford aerostar no start problem I have had the ignition modual tested replaced the coil replaced the distributor cap and rotor and stil no spark please help?

replace wire from coil to distributor or inertia switch lower side panel under glove box.

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How do you replace CV joints on 1996 Ford Aerostar?

The CV joints on a 1996 Ford Aerostar can be replaced by removing the nuts and bolts on the tires. Next, cotter pins, lower ball joints, and the outer joint will need to be removed. Then a pry bar can be placed between the transmission and the inner joint, which will make it easy to pull out.