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Q: What modifications do you have to make to a Ford 400 to change the cam shaft to a bigger one and how big can you go without any mods?
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Can you change your crank shaft in your 99 dodge 1500 5.9 magnum without pulling the engine?


How do you change steering shaft in 1990 Jeep wrangler?

How do you change the steering shaft in a 1990 Jeep Wrangler?

1948 ford drive shaft infohow do you remove the shaft.?

No proper man wants to be without his shaft

Can you replace a 1989 Ford Aerostar transmission with one from a 1993 AeroStar If so are there any differences or modifications you have to do in order to make it work?

yes you can all you need to do is change the tail shaft cover between the two transmissions

Can -you change the left shifter to the right side?

If you are asking about the gear shift then YES you can but then you have to make some internal modifications in the engine block, the cam shaft and the driving gear should be attached to the right side of the block

Can you take a v6 Toyota change it to a 350 motor?

If you have the know how and the correct tools with some modifications you can put any motor you want in any car might have to change some major things like the gear box rear end and have a custom drive shaft made.

Can i change the shaft on my Nike Sasquatch Machspeed driver if so how?

you can change it but you have to get either a shaft that already is compatible with the str8-fit or someone to install the shaft into the str8-fit ending.

Can you change the wiper motor without the linkage on a vectra c?

no you have to remove all of it remember to mark the motor shaft and linkage positions

How do you change a Fiat Doblo drive shaft?

how to remove a drive shaft on a fiat doblo

Can you change bent shaft on a 6.5hp Briggs?

Yes you can but you have to buy a whole new shaft.

Would a 350 transmission fit a 88 firebird?

with some modifications and a torque arm mount on the tail shaft, also a different driveshaft

Why is a screw head bigger than the screw shaft?

The screw head is larger to prevent the screw from pulling threw the hole made by the shaft

Will a crank shaft seal fail without some type of warning?


Do you have to change the drive shaft when you replace the drive shaft oil seal on a 2006 Nissan navara?

No you do not.

Can you glue your golf shaft on with super glue?

Yes you can as long as you never change your shaft again.

How do you change a half shaft on 2004 ford escape?

how do you replace half shaft on 2992 ford escape

Why is the hole on your lacrosse shaft bigger than the one on your head and will it work?

it shouldn't be. and no it will not work

Does hollow shaft perform better than solid shaft of same dimensions?

Depends on what you mean by "better". For the same dimensions, a solid shaft will be a bit stronger, but also a lot heavier. If you were to make a hollow shaft of the same weight, but a bigger diameter, it'd be a lot stronger than the solid shaft.

Can you replace a 1993 300zx non-turbo engine with a 2006 350z engine?

I don't know why you would want to because the vg30dett is a better engine anyways, but no, not without some Major modifications, plus a new transmission, drive shaft and rear differential.

How to Change inner CV boot for saxo VTR?

I dont think you can change the inner cv boot unless you get one slightly bigger than original and fasten it to outside of inner cv joint but there will be no groove for it to sit in so it may pop off unless you get a jubilee clip on it! Otherwise its a new shaft! I work in a garage and they are a common problem but we just change the shaft, their about 50 quid or about 20 from a scrapyard

Why do golf clubs vary in length?

The bigger the shaft the better the force of the balls will be on the hole, as long as you get it in.

Where is front abs sensor peugeot 406 2000?

ring on drive shaft with senser next to it. usual fault! cracked by rust ring on drive shaft. change shaft.

Can you use short shaft transmission in a Chevy truck turbo 2 wheel drive pickup in place of long shaft transmission?

You can but you will have to change or alter the drive shaft also.

How do you change drive shaft on neon?

go to a repair shop

How do you change a drive shaft on citroen synergie?

Take it to a garage,,,