What months does the monsoon last?

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The monsoon season typically lasts from July to September in most parts of India. The monsoon season can be divided into four distinct phases:

  • Early Monsoon (July-August)
  • Active Monsoon (August-September)
  • Retreating Monsoon (September-October)
  • Post-Monsoon (October-November)

In some parts of the country the monsoon season may last from June to September while in other areas it may extend from June to October. However the months in which the monsoon season is usually most active are July August and September.

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Depending on the area, the monsoon season lasts for a different amount of time. In India, the monsoon season typically lasts from June to September, but it can also begin in May and last until October. The monsoon season usually lasts from May to October in Southeast Asia. The monsoon season can last from June to September in some regions of Africa, while it usually lasts from November to April in Australia and the South Pacific. Overall, the topography and climate of the area determine when and how long the monsoon season lasts.

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Q: What months does the monsoon last?
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Monsoon in a sentence?

The monsoon washed away the beach front. The damage from the monsoon will take months to clean up.

How long is a monsoon?

Monsoon season can be different depending on where you live. The average monsoon season is between two and three months.

What is the difference between a typhoon and a monsoon?

A monsoon is a seasonal prevailing wind in tropical regions that last for several months and brings heavy rainfall. A typhoon is a large tropical storm that is chracterized by powerful winds, and heavy rainfall last for a few days.

What months are monsoon weather in India?

Monsoon weather in India isfrom mid June to end of August.

What are the monsoon months in France?

France does not experience monsoon. Precipitation falls roughly evenly throughout the year.

What are some facts about monsoons?

A statement that accurately describes monsoons is that they are seasonal. They last for months, not for days. A monsoon brings heavy winds and rainfall.

How long a monsoon last?

It depends.

Is monsoon a count noun?

Yes, monsoon is a count noun; for example: There is a monsoon expected this week. Last season we had several monsoons.

What are the 3 seasons of India?

There are four main seasons in India. We have local names for the seasons:Winter is called shishir;Summer is greeshm;Monsoon is varsha, andPost-monsoon is sharad.Winter from December to February; summer or pre monsoon season from March to may; monsoon season from June to September and post ûmonsoon season in October and November. Monsoon is the longest season with a duration of four months while post monsoon is the shortest with a duration of only two months. The remaining two seasons are of three months each.Source:

How long do monsoons last?

The monsoon last through April-October

What is Monsoon is a sentence?

"The monsoon season caused 500 mm of rain to fall in this area last year".

Which way do monsoon winds blow during the summer months?


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