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Mountain ranges, Seas, Forests, Rivers, and Oceans are the only ones I can think of but anything that naturally serves as a blockade. What ever the obstacle is it has to slow down or force any enemy troops to turn around away from your country. One example is that the Ural Mountains separate Asia and Europe.

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What natural features of the landscape serve as borders of states nations or continents Give some specific examples?

Rivers, Oceans, Seas, and Mountains.

Which continents has the fewest nations?


Which continents has fewest nations?


Which continent has fewest number of nations?

which continents has fewest number of nations

What nations border Zambia?

Zambia has eight bordering nations. The Democratic Republic of the Congo borders Zambia to the north. Tanzania borders to the northeast. Malawi borders to the east. Mozambique borders to the southeast. Zimbabwe borders to the south. Angola borders to the west. Namibia and Botswana both have very short borders with Zambia to the southwest.

Which of the following is not a duty of the United Nations?

patrol the us borders

What borders Venezuela?

The Atlantic Ocean borders Venezuela as well as the nations of Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana.

What kind of things do maps show you?

Maps show physical features (e.g. coastlines, mountains, rivers, lakes, etc) and political features (e.g. towns, cities, counties, states, borders of nations). They can also show roads and other routes.

How many continents are in South Africa?

There are NO continents in South Africa. South Africa is one of the nations on the African continent.

Continents with fewest number of nations?

South America, with 12.

What effect has imperialism in Africa had on the borders of African nations today?

They are based on the arbitrary borders of old European empires

What were two terms of the peace treaty?

Borders of some European nations changed. The League of Nations was formed.

Condition in which protection of a nations borders are guaranted?

Territorial integrity. :]

Condition in which protection of a nations borders are guaranteed?

Territorial integrity

What ocean borders the nordic nations to the north?

The Arctic Ocean.

How many continents belong to the United Nations?

Only Australia is both a country and a continent. Countries are members of the United Nations. Australia, which is both a country and a continent, is a member of the United Nations. Most continents are carved up into many countries, peoples, languages and beliefs. Continents as such, do not belong to geo-political organisations, etc.

How was the nations changing political landscape during mid 1800s?

Big nuts

Who established African borders of modern African nations?

Berlin Conference

What nations border South Dakota?

South Dakota has no International borders.

What nations borders India?

-Bangladesh-Nepal -Bhutan -China -Pakistab

Which South American nation borders the most nations?

Brazil borders ten other countries. It borders every other country in South America except Ecuador and Chile.

What are the countries in South America that only touch two other nations?

French Guiana borders Brazil and SurinameEcuador borders Peru and ColumbiaUruguay borders Brazil and Argentina

What is do regional security alliances do?

they help protect borders and keep the nations security.

What are some types of borders between states and nations?

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The states ofamerica and Mexico do not share borders whit any others?

I guess you mean if both countries do share borders with other nations. In that case, they do: the US also borders Canada and Mexico also borders Guatemala and Belize.