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What numbers in the vin is the year?

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2006-07-05 19:13:07

Just by looking at the vin number won't tell you the year of

your bike. You need to write the vin number down and get on the

phone with a dealer that operates your type of motorcycle

manufacture. Tell them the vin number and then they can tell you

what year it is. If it isn't older than a 1983 you can use this

method on all 17 digit vin numbers cars, bikes, atv's etc. code

follows,count to the tenth digit,D IS 1983 E 84. F 85. G 86.H 87.J

88.K 89.L 90.M 91. N 92.P 93.R 94. S 95.T 96.V 97. W 98.X 99.Y

2000. 1 01. 2 02.3 03. 4 04. 5 05. 6 06.7 07. You sholdn't have any

problem understanding this.

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