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What options are there for a car that has been repoed even if the monthly payment was made on time?


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2004-10-22 00:07:54
2004-10-22 00:07:54

Cure whatever terms you were in DEFAULT(ins,ect) of. The LENDER can tell you exeactly what they require.


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Most banks and car dealer websites have an auto refinancing calculator that customers can use to recalculate their monthly payments. If you have been making more than the required monthly payment, you can most likely get your monthly payment lowered. The interest may be the same or a bit lower if you have been on time with your payments. Be sure to enter all of the information into the calculator correctly so that you have the most accurate payment information.

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What is the Annual Percentage rate set at? Are you making more than the minimum monthly payment? Is the collection agency charging any monthly fees? If you are making a $10.00 a month payment and the finance charges are $8.00, only two dollars is being applied to wards the balance, each month. Check to see how much of your monthly payment is going to the finance charges and then increase your monthly payment to cover the minimum monthly payment and finance charges.

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A payment calculator loan is a loan where the monthly payment that is due each month has been calculated. Depending on what type of loan it is, you may have to start paying now, or you may have to pay later.

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The institution that has a lien on the vehicle.

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there is no reason for it to be on record, if you are a buyer

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