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What other engines will work in a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle that has a 18L Turbo in it?


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The Jetta engine should fit


Any four-cylinder watercooled VW engine will FIT in the car; every watercooled inline-4 Volkswagen engine has the same bellhousing pattern and mounting bolt hole locations. The question is, which engines will work? And really, because of all the electronics in your car I wouldn't guarantee anything but another 1.8 Turbo would work.


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It depends on the year of the beetle. If I remember correctly 1999-2004 engines have the 1.8 Turbo. Those same years also have 2.0L Non turbo, and the 1.9L Turbo Diesel. I believe after 2005 they stop making the turbo beetle completely and give them a 2.5 L engine. The other models of the VW brand still come turbo, just not the Beetle.

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No. Volkswagen made two prototypes only in 1951 with a 1.3 L diesel engine. One in a type 1 and the other in a type 2.

I would highly recommend getting it from the dealer. But you can get it at any parts supplier. It will just be a generic brand.

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You have problems. You need to locate the source of the leaks and determine the cause.

not possible unless you replace the computer from a non turbo ford like yours and possibly the head. turbo engines are built for the extra boost of a turbo and must also supply more fuel thus the computer swap.

Replace the indicators and if that doesnt work replace the bulbs because that means either one or the other is going bad.

Formula One engines do not have turbo chargers, and other ways. The only speed boost they have is KERS.

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depending on your engine type some 1994 Hyundai scoupe engines will work and some 1995 Hyundai scoupe engines will work some engines were turbo and some had a distributor and others had coil packs

Like other compact and subcompact cars, the Volkswagen Beetle is used in motorsports like racing because of the design, balance, weight and somewhat aerodynamic build. They are easy to repair and the windscreen allows for a wider view range.

What you might need to know before buying a used 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle is that the car is an antique and could require plenty of work to run smoothly. You might also want to know the history of the vehicle, whether or not it has ever been involved in an accident, and whether or not the motor and other parts are original.

You can install one, but don't expect your motor to last. Turbo equipped engines use pistons and crankshafts purpose-built to handle the added boost pressure from a turbo. Installing a turbo on a non-turbo engine can literally blow a piston through the oil pan. There are plenty of other destructive outcomes. In a word, don't.

Important!!! Use only G12 coolant for any Volkswagen or Audi. DO NOT MIX FACTORY COOLANT WITH ANY OTHER BRAND Dealers will have it for approx 20-30 dollars per gallon. Pentosin produces the coolant for Volkswagen, Audi and BMW.

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you start by taking out the 2 bolts the hold the starter in,, then disconnect the wires and replace i mean disconnect wires first or one bolt then one wire then the other bold AND OTHER WIRE

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In other words, it won't idle. Lots of possibilities in the fuel or ignition system. Take it to a shop and get them to read the error codes.

The Herbie original movie is "The Love Bug" released in 1969. Volkswagen Beetle starred in the original movie. There were 5 other movies made later as part of the same series.

Yes it does ... these are made for specific engines - engines who by design are different from one car maker to another, so you need the proper one to guarantee that if will fit and line up with the bolt holes and other connections.

There are no reasonable differences because a beetle is an insect. A beetle has different characteristics when compared to other insects though.

Most likely cause is that you need your tires rebalanced. The only other thing I can think of is since you didn't put at what speeds this happens at is you could have a small buldge in one of your tires

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