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I guess I will answer this myself in the hopes the next guy will not have to spend as much time searching the internet as I did. I found this article. And on a forum one guy found that after a HEAVY rain water had somehow traveled between the cowl and hood on his truck and settled on the well for plug #3. A bit of compressed air solved his problem I hope I am that lucky. Ron There can be a multitude of reasons why any given cylinder is misfiring. Some of the most common include: Faulty spark plug wire - (to see if this is the problem, exchange spark plug wire with another cylinder- if the trouble code moves from cylinder three to the new cylinder, your spark plug wire is the culprit) Faulty spark plug - (remove spark plug and examine for damage, and/or carbon deposits which would keep the plug from sparking) Faulty/improperly connected coil pack - (test coil pack for proper function according to your repair manual) Faulty Fuel injector - (Remove fuel injector from misfiring cylinder and exchange it with another cylinders' injector; if the problem moves from one cylinder to the next with the fuel injector, you have found your culprit)

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Q: What part needs replacing if you have a DTC code of P0303 which indicates cylinder 3 misfire?
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2002 Nissan Frontier the check engine light came on code p0303 which is misfire on?

P0303 : misfire cylinder #3

P0303 cylinder 3 misfire 99 olds intrigue what is that bad spark plug or what?

Try replacing the plugs and wires

What does code p0303 mean for 2003 Chrysler pt cruiser?

Cylinder number three misfire.Cylinder number three misfire.

What is Mazda 626 obd code P0303?

Trouble code P0303 means: Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected

What is the P0303 code in the Dodge stratus 2004?

Cylinder #3 misfire

P303 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

p0303 is cylinder #3 misfire

What is 2001 Chrysler check engine code p0303?

PO303 indicates a misfire on cylinder #3. Normally caused by bad spark plug or plug wire.

What is code P0300 Random Misfire Detected P0302 and P0303 on a 2000 Toyota Tundra?

Random misfire, cylinder 2 misfire, and cylinder 3 misfire. see related question below.

What does code p0455 p0301 p0303 from check engine light on on 2002 jeep liberty sports 4wd?

P0455 evaporative system small leak P0301 cylinder #1 misfire P0303 cylinder #3 misfire

What is code P0303 Random Misfire Detected on a gmc Yukon and how do you repair it?

P0303 is cylinder #3 misfire. P0300 would be random misfire. Either way you need to diagnose the case of a misfire. Check spark plugs, plug wires(if equipped), cylinder compression, fuel inectors, and wiring.

What is dtc code p0303 for a 2003 dodge ram hemi?

Trouble code P0303 means: Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected

How can I fix code P0303 2006 PT Cruiser?

P0303, cylinder #3 misfire. Check plug, wire, coil, etc.

2004 wrangler sport you need trouble code p0300 p0302 p0303?

Trouble code P0300 means: Multiple Cylinder Misfire Trouble code P0302 means: Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected Trouble code P0303 means: Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected I would change plugs and wires

What does the 2003 Ford Taurus on board diagnostic code P0303 mean?

Trouble code P0303 means: Cylinder Number 3 Misfire Detected

What is Engine code P0303 mean in a 2005 dodge van?

Cylinder number 3 misfire.

What does a P0303 code mean on a 03 Chevy s-10 v6?

# 3 cylinder misfire.

What is engine code 303?

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0303: Engine Misfire Detected (Cylinder 3)

What does trouble code P 0303 mean?

Trouble code P0303 means: Cylinder #3 misfire detected

What does the code P0303 mean on a 2003 Chevy s-10 4.3 v6?

#3 cylinder misfire.

What does trouble code P0303 mean for a kia sedona 2003 lx on the check engine mean?

misfire cylinder #3. A 300 code is a misfire code and the last number relates to the cylinder that is misfiring.

What is a Cylinder 3 misfire P0303 1998 Kia Sportage?

This means that your engine is misfiring on cylinder #3. It is either a bad sparkplug, wire or coil.

What vehicle identification numbers have the engine misfire for the 2005 Chevrolet Colorado?

Stop by there are different people that have had that problem. you can probably message them personally and see how they got to that problem. P0300= Random/ multiple cylinder misfire detected P0301= Misfire detected- cylinder #1 P0302= Misfire detected- cylinder #2 P0303= Misfire detected- cylinder #3 P0304= Misfire detected- cylinder #4 p0305= Misfire detected- cylinder #5 P.S. These are Diagnostic trouble codes, not vechicle id numbers.

Service engine soon light is on 2000 maxima took to AutoZone and got the code p0303 and was told cylinder 3 misfire a different website shows p0303 for o2 sensor problem which is correct?

My chilton's manual says # 3 misfire. Good luck.

What is the code p0303 on ford econoline?

Trouble code P0303 means:Cylinder 3 misfire detected

What does code P0303 mean on a 2000 Millenia?

Trouble code P0303 means:Cylinder 3 misfire detected