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you need high bend handlebars, suspension, and cutouts on your side panels. those are the white (stock) covers on the sides of your air filter. then fabricate bars that you can hold or just hold the seat. in this case, you should shave down the foam seat and replace the cover. i would also recommend cutting down the back fender so that it is shorter and does not get in the way of any tricks.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-20 20:27:36
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Q: What parts do I need to make my 1996 yz125 into an fmx bike?
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What is the difference between a 2001 Yamaha YZ125 and a 2002 Yamaha YZ125?

A slight change in the body style is not it. The 2001 bike was a great bike with a 6 speed gearbox and a very useable powerband. The 2002 was a 5 speed that didn't work with the yz 125s power and would bog and acceleration was alot slower. Those are the major changes that make the 2002-2004 yz125s alot worse bike then 96-01 and 05-now.

What is a drivetrain on a bike?

the parts that provide the power to make it move forward.

Who benefits from having a dirt bike?

Dirt Bike riders, the state (From tax revenue) and the aftermarket companies that make parts for the bikes.

How do you make a pocket bike faster with no performance parts?

if you want it to go faster with no performance parts you will need a lighter person

Can you make a bmx out of parts?

Sure you can, you can buy all the parts separately and then assemble them. But it will be more expensive than buying a complete bike.

How do you make my bike lighter?

In general trying to lighten a bicycle isn't particularly cost effective. Bike parts are much more expensive bought piecemeal than bought as a complete bike. But is you insist the best way to go about is is to dissassemble your bike, weigh the parts (seat post, saddle, cranks, forks etc etc) and then replace them one by one with lighter parts.

What vehicle parts do you need to make the banjo bike on banjo- kazooie nuts and bults?

the banjo bike is not possible to make as soon as you turn a wheel it will not work and if it does work it will not remain stable

Where can I find bike parts in my local area?

Bike parts are well stocked at Toys-R-Us and Walmart. Finding a chain might require one to got to a specialty bike shop, when trained individuals can make sure that the right chain is purchased and safely put on.

After market parts make your 125 faster?

Not just 125...Any bike in general. However not all parts, and even those that do, usually don't add all that much. However, if you have lots of money and can find good parts you can add about a third of the current power to your bike.

What is so good about bmx?

Bmx is good because it is a name brand for bikes. They offer a great variety of bikes and parts that can customize and make your bike a better stunt bike.

Where do you find parts for a mongoose maxim bike?

Bicycle parts are very rarely specific to a certain make & model. Functionally identical replacement parts will be available from almost any bicycle shop.

What parts would make a 1996 Yamaha Waverunner 3 go faster?


How much do you sell a bike for?

it depends on the bike standard and the make. Usally the parts are dependent as to how much the bikes worth, and if they are customized, brand new or expensive than you are looking to sell a bike for £200 -£300, but you need to take into consideration the condition of the bike and weather it is up and running.

How can you make a bike light?

It's unclear if you're talking about weight or light here. To get a bike that doesn't weigh much you really have to start from scratch and only use light parts all the way through. Trying to make a bike lighter by replacing parts after it's already assembled tends to get pricey and still not get you that far. If you're talking about building a lamp for your bike, well your imagination is your limit. Tape a flaslight to your bars, fit a 12V battery and an acessory light from a car to your bike....

Can you change a kids bike into a trick bike?

Don't really know what you mean by a trick bike. But generally kids bikes tend to be rather crappy. Kids will outgrow their bikes fairly fast, which makes the parents unwilling to spend money on them. As a result, they're often heavy, with poor parts poorly put together. For a trick bike you'll want something lighter, stronger and more suited to hard riding. And as bike parts are least expensive when bought as a complete bike it doesn't make sense money-wise to spend a lot of money on a complete bike make over. Better then just go for a new bike.

How do you lose my fear in jumps in motocross?

Just don't think about it too much. Just as soon as you reach the end of the turn twist the throttle all the way (shift if needed) and you will make it over. I ride a yz125 (most underpowered big motocross bike) All jumps are small enough for every bike to take. Unless its laracco's leap at Red Bud.

How do you maintain bike?

First take it for a test drive and pay close attention to all the parts. if something is wrong you can repair it and/or buy it just to make sure your covered and you should make a maintenance check every year if you care about your bike.

How do you make a pocket bike faster?

take parts off that u dont need to make the pocket bike go faster LOOSE SOME WEIGHT OR BUY PERFORMANCE PARTS remove the muffler, remove plastic pieces that are not needed, bore out the cylinders and get bigger pistons, swap sprockets or get a smaller rear sprocket. (this will make it slower off the line but significantly increase top speed. just like a mountain bike in low gear)

What are all of the best parts to buy for a begginers BMX bike?

Bicycles are much more expensive part for part than as a whole bike, so particularly if you are a beginner it makes much more sense to pickup a complete bike instead. Then replace parts either when they break, or when you've been able to figure out what changes you want to make.

How long does bmx bike last?

Unless you crash it really bad the frame of a BMX is pretty much indestructible. All other parts can basically be unbolted and replaced to make the bike last indefinitely.

Why do bike part usually come loose after a long ride?

Bike parts may eventually loosen themselves up with time due to the constant vibrations of the bike. Get a repair manual, or ask a local mechanic for the specs. Check to make sure all the bike parts are torqued down sufficiently with the correct amount of foot pounds. You could also try to use something called "Thread Lock."

Why get oversized handlebars for mountain bikes?

Because if you make a pipe bigger it will get a lot stiffer but only a little heavier. And stiff parts make a bike more responsive.

How do you make your bmx bike lighter?

In general trying to lighten a bicycle isn't particularly cost effective. Bike parts are much more expensive bought piecemeal than bought as a complete bike. But is you insist the best way to go about is is to dissassemble your bike, weigh the parts (seat post, saddle, cranks, forks etc etc) and then replace them one by one with lighter parts.Start by removing reflectors and any other non needed so called safety features. start by ordering parts like new front and rear wheels. then you can move up to a handlebars. a good site to find all these parts is they have all that you will need and can ever wish to do to your bike.

How to make a Pocket bike turbo?

how do you make pocket bike turbo or where do you buy it i need it for my f4-15 pocket bike 49cc

How do you make a motor for a bike?

Bob the builder is the first person to make a motor bike