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most other Honda parts are interchangeable as long as the motors are the can get parts of a Honda as new as 1998 as long as the motors are the same.

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2011-09-13 11:39:27
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Q: What parts from other cars are interchangeable onto a 1987 Honda CRX?
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Why does your clutch pedal stay down on your 1987 Honda Accord?

Broken clutch fork, or other parts.

What other years are interchangeable with 1986 Chevy truck?


What other years are compatible with the 1987 Grand Wagoneer?

This will vary depending upon the parts you are looking for. As a general rule 87,88,89,90,91 have many interchangeable parts but there are some from older vehicles that will also interchange.

Are parts from a 1987 camaro compatible with a 1987 firebird?

most parts are. some trim parts snd some of the brackets on the engine are not. Yes, drive-train and suspension parts are mostly interchangeable, if they have the same size engine.

Does all Chevy oil pans fit on other Chevy small blocks?

yes Generally, the 1986 and older are interchangeable and the 1987 and up are interchangeable, but not with each other.

Is a 1986 Acura Integra manual transmission interchangeable with a 1987 Honda CRX manual transmission?

no. different motor series. but the motor and transmission is


Are the door interchangeable on an 1987 chevy truck and an chevy blazer 1988

Will parts from a 93 Honda Accord work on an 87 Honda Accord?

probably not, the accord layout changed quite a bit from 1987 to 1993

Is the seat interchangeable between a 1980 Honda Golwing GL1100 and a 1983 GL1100?

It should be. The change was in 1984 thru to 1987 to the 1200's. Then 1988 to the 1500"s. Try it.

Can you put a 1995 Honda Civic engine in a 1987 Honda Civic?

yes you can might take a little bit of work but all hondas are interchangeable with itself more challenging than a little bit of work... in 1988 and up all hondas are interchangeable but before that hondas carried the 12 valve bugger so have fun and try...

How do you replace the alternator on a 1987 Honda Civic LX?

from underneath the vehicle u have to remove some suspension parts and parts of the front cover of the engine

What other year truck parts are interchangable with a1986 Chevy c10 pickup?

The 1986 C10 (which I have) are interchangeable with the 1973-1987 C10, C20 and C30 and also many parts on the K10, K20 and K30. Depends on which parts but most of the body, interior and beds are interchangeable. You can also exchange sone body parts with the K5 blazer and the C10 to C30/K10 to K30 Suburban like hoods, fenders, bumpers, doors, seats (the blazer and the suburbans had bucket seats) All other parts you can order new in exhausting detail from

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