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What parts should i replace no spark on a 1990 Oldsmobile 98?

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You shouldn't replace anything until you've checked out the diagnostic codes. Find out what the computer has detected. Then start going through to isolate the problem. If you just replace a bunch of parts, I can almost guarantee that something will get connected wrong then you'll NEVER be able to find the problem.

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What is the spark plug gap on a 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora?

It should be .050

What type of spark plugs should I replace in my 2000 Ford Focus?

they will give you options when you buy them from the auto parts store

How do you know when to replace spark plugs?

You should replace the spark plugs when your car won't start first time but does eventually.

How do you replace spark plug wires on a 3300 oldmobile engine?

To replace spark plug wires on a 3300 Oldsmobile engine, open the hood and remove the wires from the end of the engine. The number of spark plug wires most often corresponds to the number of cylinders your engine has.

1989 Oldsmobile Brougham Regency 98 change spark plugs?

where would the spark plugs at on a Oldsmobile 1989 engine

What is the spark plug gap on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

The spark plug gap on a 96 Olds Aurora should be set at .050, and they should be torqued at 11 foot-pounds.

What should spark plug gap be set to for 1981 Oldsmobile delta 88?

HEI should be at .080. If not HEI then .045

How do you change spark plugs on a 2003 explorer 4.6?

It is important to replace car parts after so many miles. Spark plugs are changed by disconnecting the batteries, the spark plug cables, removing the spark plugs, replace them with new spark plugs, reconnecting the cables, and the car battery.

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue with a 3.5 engine?

how do change the spark plugs and the coil pack on a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue

Do I need special tools to replace my spark plugs?

To replace spark plugs, you can use a socket wrench, but a socket made for removing and replacing spark plugs is needed. This socket is relatively inexpensive and can be found at most auto parts stores.

How much should it cost for a tune up on 2007 Nissan Quest 3.5 liter v6?

Aprox $350 parts and labor just to replace the spark plugs.

If a 1999 Mirage will crank but not spark and you replaced many parts so it may be the wiring how do you find out?

What parts did you replace? If spark plug wires were removed, you might have them on the wrong posts. NMI You should have taken the car to an independent repair shop to begin with, you may be burying the problem by guessing.

1998 Oldsmobile 88. has no spark replace the igniton control module. what else could it be?

crank or cam sensor...did you already figure it out?

How often should you replace spark plugs in a 2006 Honda crv?

Replace them every 100,000 miles.

Toyata Hiace 2007 spark plug life How Long its work?

most spark plugs should be checked and gapped annually. if your spark plugs are used up you should replace them

How Many spark plugs on an Oldsmobile Alero?

6 spark plugs 1 spark plug to every cylinder.

How do you remove the spark plugs on a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera?

with a spark plug sockett

How often should you replace spark plugs on a Nissan Quest?

Your spark plug manufacturer would recommend your replacement schedule.

Where can you obtain a spark plug diagram for an Oldsmobile?


How often should you replace your spark plugs?

Every year, or as an when the service requires

How do you change spark plugs on a 1990 celebrity eurosport wagon?

To replace the spark plugs on your Celebrity requires a 5/8" spark plug socket, short extension and either a ratchet or breaker bar. First remove the spark plug wire then use the socket to remove the spark plug. The spark plugs should have a .045" gap. Replace the spark plug and reattach the wire. Continue until you have replace all of the spark plugs.

How many spark plugs does a 97 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme take?

6 spark plugs

What types of tools do I need to have so I can replace the spark plugs in my 1998 Nissan Sentra?

You will need a general screwdriver, a spark plug socket, a socket wrench and and extender, a wire brush and a silicone dielectric compound. You should find more of these tools at SEARS or your favorite car parts dealer. You will need a spark plug wrench with an extension to replace the spark plugs in a 1998 Nissan Sentra. You can find an instructional video at

What Parts are needed for tuning up a 1989 Lincoln 5.0 engine?

Spark plugs, distributor cap, and distributor rotor should be replaced. Ignition coil should be checked for corrosion at the post. Clean or replace as needed. Spark plug wires should be inspected for corrosion. Clean or replace as needed. PCV valve should be cleaned. Fuel filter should be relaced. Air filter should be inspected and replaced if needed. Oil and filter should be changed if applicable.

Can champion rj19lmc replace j19lm?

The Champion spark plug rj19lmc should be able to replace j19lm. Many of Champions spark plugs are interchangeable with plugs with the same letter coding.