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There are various answers that could be given depending on context. I would be willing to bet that your textbook contains that very sentence with the blank filled in. However, some possible answers would be; European conquest, national aggrandizement, rapid economic development, and growth in world trade. There could be others too. The "correct" answer depemds on what your teacher has been emphasizing. Michael Montagne

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Q: What period is the Age of Imperialism characterized as?
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What caused demographic transition 1750-1914?

The period 1750 - 1914 was characterized by growing European imperialism. The Industrial Revolution during this period caused a demographic transition.

What characterized the old stone age the middle stone age and the new stone age?

The old Stone Age is characterized by the first use of stone tools and a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The middle Stone Age is characterized by the beginning of the societal shift from nomadic to agrarian. The new Stone Age, or the Neolithic period is characterized by an agrarian lifestyle and the first domestication of plants and animals.

What age followed the stone age?

The Stone Age was followed by the Bronze Age. The time period was characterized by the use of bronze for tools and other implements.

Why is the period of 1800 and 1814 known as the age of imperialism?

It's not. The Age of Imperialism ran from about 1870 to 1960 or so, when various European countries decided that they had the right to divide among themselves other areas such as China and Africa.

What do we call the period of time when Europeans conquered nearly all of Africa?

This would be called the New Age of Imperialism.

China's Golden Age is characterized by .?

China's Golden Age is characterized by stunning development and innovation.

What is the answer for what characterized the old stone age the middle stone age and the new stone age?

The old stone age was characterized by not having tools. The middle stone was characterized by having invented tools. The new stone age was characterized by farming and having better tools.

Why was the Copper Age important?

Originally defined as a transitional period between the Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age, the Copper Age (or Chalcolithic Age, or Eneolithic Age) is now regarded to be part of the Bronze Age because it is characterized by the use of metals. It was during this time period that early metallurgists found that the addition of tin to copper produced the harder metal, bronze.

China's Golden Age is characterized by?

China's Golden Age is characterized by stunning development and innovation.

The period of time when European imperialism greatly affected the continent of Africa is?

Imperialism in Africa.

How did The Age of Exploration impact Imperialism?

I'm afraid it did not, you can argue that the Age of Exploration helped to create imperialism in the form we know it today. Although imperialism has been around for thousands of years, it wasn't until the 1700's that imperialism really started to have an effect.

The period 1750-1914 is characterized by what?

The Early Modern Period

What was the period of US imperialism?


Why did European countries explore claim and settle the North American continent?

The period when Europeans explored, claimed, and settled the land in the Americas was the First Age of Imperialism. Imperialism is when nations establish empires for power and resources. So the Europeans imperialized the Americas for power and resources.

What is the term for the quest for colonial empires?

The Age of Imperialism (or just imperialism) is the quest for colonial empires.

Who were the boxers in the age of imperialism?


What is the opposite of enlighten?

A Dark Age.The word which most accurately characterizes the opposite of "enlighten" is "obscure". The word "enlighten" is characterized by revealing or making known, while the word "obscure" is characterized by hiding or keeping hidden. The phrase "a dark age" is incorrect, because it speaks to a time-period known as the "enlightenment" and there is no time-period associated with the word "enlighten".

What age did Europe shift to after opening up trade?

The Age of Exploration and the First Age of Imperialism.

How did imperialism impact the government in japan during the age of imperialism?

Western imperialism put Japan in a position where they were excluded from attaining the raw materials they required for economic progress.

What is the relationship between the age of discovery and imperialism?

A domestic one. The Age of Discovery sent explorers to discover new lands, which allowed for imperialism - the practice by which nations extend their power to foreign lands.

Which country did diamonds come from in the imperialism period?

South Africa

What is primitive period?

Is characterized by uncritical accumulation of information.

What was Holodomor was characterized by?

a period of mass starvation throughout Ukraine - APEX

Who controlled Hong Kong in the Age of Imperialism?

The British!

Chinese capital during the age of imperialism?