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What personal qualities or skills do you need to be a veterinary technician?

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I have been a Veterinary Technician for 18 years, There are many skills needed. Compassion and deication to animals are the 2 that come right to me. I f your are lookin to become one and need some advice or want some questions answered , feel free to send me an email @

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What personal qualities or skills do you need to be a technician?

there are a number of qualities which one must have to be a good technician. some of them are, (1) there are a number of qualities which one must have to be a good technician. some of them are, (1)

What to write when asked personal qualities skills and attributes in nursing job?

what should i wriite in a job application for personal qualities skills and attributes

What are the qualities and attributes needed to be a veterinary nurse?

You need a mix of technical skills and personal aptitudes, ranging from the ability to draw blood to the ability to manage your time and prioritize your work.

What does soft skills mean?

soft skills are a persons personal qualities

Can you become a veterinarian and a veterinarian technician?

Yes, although this is rare. The job skills and educational background required to be a veterinary technician is very different from the job skills and educational background required for a veterinarian.

How do you answer personal qualities you can bring to this position for being a veterinarian?

This will depend on who you are and what strengths you bring to veterinary medicine. Whatever you put down, don't lie about it - this will disqualify you. Some common personal qualities that are listed include good communication skills, strong work ethic, compassionate nature, good teamwork skills, strong leadership ability, etc.

What skills are necessary for a pharmacist?

•-Computer skills •-Personal Qualities •-Strong Communication and People Skills

What personal qualities or skills do you need to work at a bank?


What personal qualities does a dietitian need?

sound communication skills

What personal qualities or skills do you need to be a bricklayer?

physically strong

What personal skills and qualities do you need for receptionist?

Talking with others

Is it true or false that Employers are interested in the skills and abilities of job applicants and employees not their personal qualities?

employers are interested in the skills and abilities of job applicants and employees not their personal qualities

What is a registered veterinary technician?

A registered veterinary technician (RVT) is a person who has completed a college-level course of study in veterinary technical skills and knowledge and who has passed a standardized knowledge test to become licensed. An RVT generally has more skill and knowledge to assist a veterinarian and is paid at a higher wage; in some states, an RVT is allowed to perform certain procedures that a 'lay' technician (non-licensed technician) cannot perform.

Looking at Veterinary Jobs: A Veterinary Technician?

One of the most rewarding career fields for people who like caring for animals is veterinary work. For people who want to play a large role in an animal's healthcare, the career of veterinary technician may be a favorable choice. Please read further to learn the details of work as a veterinary technician. A veterinary technician performs duties that will aid the veterinarian in his or her work. For instance, a veterinary technician may conduct a preliminary examination of a dog or cat that comes into the office for a checkup. Some of those duties may include weighing the animal and recording information from its owner as well as checking the pet's eyes and ears. A veterinary technician also develops x-rays of a pet. Most veterinary technicians are found working in pet hospitals or veterinary clinics. Furthermore, there are some veterinarians who now offer mobile veterinary services. In short, they travel around in a vehicle equipped with vet equipment and visit patients at their homes. The education of a veterinary technician includes a two year associate degree program at a community college. The study program must be accredited AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). A student studying to be a veterinary technician learns how to handle animals in a clinical setting so he or she will be prepared for daily work as a vet tech. A veterinary technician also must take an exam to prove he or she is qualified for the work. A person must check his or her particular state's requirements. A veterinary technician must have the skills to calm dogs and cats that are in a nervous condition at the vet's office. A person who wants to become a vet technician must realize that he or she may encounter pets that are agitated and liable to bite. Finally, the median annual salary of a veterinary technician is $28,900 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2008). The experience of a veterinary technician and extent of education also factors into salary level. In addition, the size of the veterinary practice has an influence on the amount of salary a veterinary technician can earn.

What personal qualities and skills do you need to work as a nanny?

the skills and qualities to be a nanny are good at being gay and always swearing at the children hahah

Which online vet school is the best?

There are no online veterinary colleges - the skills you need to become a veterinary are too hands-on (performing a physical exam, evaluating lameness, etc.). If there is an online college claiming to offer degrees in veterinary medicine, that school is not accredited in the US. However, there are online veterinary technician schools; as a veterinarian I would caution any applicant to ensure the school is accredited through a credible third party organization and that there is sufficient hands-on and face-to-face teaching for you to learn the technical skills required of a veterinary technician.

What skills and personal qualities do you need to be a lawyer?

Be a person to take sides

What personal qualities or skills do you need to be a IT?

There are a number of personal qualities or skills you need to be an IT expert. Some of them include interest in computer, desire to explore various angles of IT, self-discipline, aggression and so much more.

What personal qualities or skills do you need to be a dentist?

physical dexterity they have to be likable polite

Describe your personal qualities that suits the requirement position nurse?

There are many personal qualities that are important for nurses. Of course, customer relations skills are vital, as are attention to detail.

What to write for qualification on a resume?

Just specify your knowledge (professional, technical and academic qualities), skills, experiences, and personal qualities.

Personal qualities of a doctor?

People skills are helpful, knowledge, credibilities, education, and recommendations.

What skills and personal qualities can you offer for tool maker?

you need to be accurate willing and punctual

What is the difference between veterinary medicine and veterinary bio-science?

Veterinary medicine focuses on clinical skills - examination, diagnosis, treatment. Veterinary bioscience focuses on research skills.

What can you do to get a head start on becoming a Veterinary Technician?

Volunteer or work at a veterinary facility prior to going to college and during college as well. Experience in a veterinary facility will help you be sure that a degree in veterinary technology is truly what you want and being able to put your new knowledge and skills to work immediately will help you to better understand and retain them.