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What products or services does the United States export?

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According to the US department of commerce, the United States top three trading partners are Canada, Mexico and China. Of these countries the top US exports are machinery, and electrical machinery. Other major exports are vehicles, aircraft and medical instruments. However the US does export high value agricultural goods around the world.

2009-11-07 17:10:39
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Not an export of the united States?

The United States does not export rubber. It is not grown in the United States.

What products do Dominican Republic import from Jamaica?

The Dominican Republic don't import products from Jamaica. It primary import and export products from and to United States.

What kinds of products does Australia trade with the United States?

Well, the United States is Australia's fifth largest Export market. Pretty much any products can be traded or sold to the United States from Australia and many items are shipped between the two.

What is France's largest Export?

French exports to the United States are mainly cheese, processed products and wine.

What products does United Kingdom export and import to anyone?

They export fish

What products or services does California export?

agricultural goods

When was Export-Import Bank of the United States created?

Export-Import Bank of the United States was created in 1934.

What products do Indiana export to other states and countries around the world?

What products does indiana export to other states and countries around the world

What products does Wales export?

Some of the items exported from Wales are oil and gas, textiles, cereals, and systems for the aerospace industry. Some of its top export partners are Ireland, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

Who does Canada export oil to?

Canada and the United States share the longest unguarded border in the world. Canada is rich in crude oil and other petroleum products. Most of these are exported to the United States.

What produce does the United States export?

Agricultural goods are the main export of the US.

What are factories in Mexico that export products called?

Factories that just assemble parts into finished products for export are called maquiladoras.Not all factories that export are known as such, however. For example, steel-mills produce steel which is then exported to other countries, such as the United States, China or India. These are not maquiladoras.

What products export from japan to the US?

Japan exports transport equptment, motor cehicles, semiconductors, chemical and electiral machinery. All these items may not go to the United States, but these are items they export.

Does the United States export cars to Brazil?


What does the United States export to Brazil?

sugar canes

What are some goods and services that bring money into Brazil?

mining gold and bauxite and they have the Itaipu Dam to help export the goods into the united states of America.

What is the US largest export?

the largest export of the united states is oil. and ME!!! jk just oil!!!

How can you use the word export in a sentence?

India expert 100% tea export to United States.

What are some things that are made in America?

Aircraft is a major export product from the United States. Boeing is a major aircraft manufacturer in the United States. Other major U.S. manufactured products include auto industry, electrical equipment, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and food products.

What can Canada export to japan people?

Oil, fuel, lumber products, machinery and services.

What does UK export to Canada?

There are many products that the United Kingdom exports to countries in North America. For example, the United Kingdom exports tangible goods such as beer and services such as educated people to work in Canadian industries.

What is China's top export to the whole world?

united states

What was Hawaii's primary export to the United states?

sugar cane

What is Mexico's most important export country?

united states

What was hawaiis primary export to the united states?

sugar cane