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What questions to ask in an interview about tuna sandwich?


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now this is a hard question indeed as most people when nervous in an interview resort to asking random questions and saying things most likely you wouldn't. to keep your cool you must avoid the nervous wreck you might be!

When hungry in an interview you will always talk about food or (as some already know) look up to say the basic lines like "wonderful whether isn't it?" when its raining or "how are you mate?" who then calls security and asks you to leave "mate"- if you want to risk the tuna sandwiches this would be the top 6 to use:

1. " I have a tuna sandwich today, tuna is a fish and fish helps the brain, do you like tuna?"

2. "I heard tuna is a source of income, what do you think of this?"

3. "what do you think of the standard of using tuna in a basic dish? how about a sandwich"

4. "what dish would you make if I gave you a fish as in a tuna, most people would say a sandwich. would you make a tuna sandwich"

5. "Do you have a tuna sandwich? sorry its just I can smell tuna, that fishy smell does stink I apologise- its something I very much dislike- do you eat tuna?"

6. "Are you using dolphin friendly tuna? I hope you are as it is important for the environment"