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What recourse is there if someone other than the intended recipient signs for a certified letter?

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None. Any person at the residence can sign for and accept the letter if they are willing to take the responsibility or they can refuse the correspondence and the addressee will be required to pick it up at the local postal branch. That person cannot however open the letter unless they have the permission of the addressee.

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What is certified mail used for?

Certified mail is mail that is designed to ensure it gets to its proper recipient. Generally when someone sends a certified letter, he wants to ensure that it gets to the recipient and a receipt signed by the recipient at the time the letter was delivered is sent back to the sender, giving the sender a record that such mail has been delivered.

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The name of the primary recipient of benefits would be you if you were the primary recipient. If you were on with someone else, for example a parent, then the parent would be the primary recipient.

What does a recipient mean?

someone who receives if A gives B $1 then B is a recipient and A is a giver

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What is the difference between an applicant and a recipient?

An applicant is someone who applies for something and a recipient is someone who receives something. For example: John and Sarah are applicants for the new job at the supermarket Amy was the recipient of the gift because it was her Birthday

Is it a crime to open someone else's mail with my address on it?

By federal law, an item sent in the mail must reach is intended recipient without being altered(IE Opened) in any way

Is there legal recourse to get someone to repay personal loan?

Small claims court.

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What is the beginning salary for someone who takes certified nurse assistant training?

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When cc is used in an email?

cc stands for Carbon Copy. It is an old abbreviation from the days when memos were typed. If you wanted to make sure someone else got a copy of the memo, you would insert a piece of carbon paper behind it, and another sheet of paper. The typewriter would then not only type on the front page, but the impact would make the same image appear on the second sheet. Then, you would give the original to its intended recipient, and the carbon copy to someone else. In email, it's used to send a copy of the message to someone else at the same time you send the message to it's intended target. For example, you might send a memo to your coworker about their poor hygiene and cc your boss to cover your butt from a lawsuit. ;) bcc means Blind Carbon Copy. It's the same as Carbon Copy, but the email will not advise the recipient that a copy was given to someone else. On a cc, the recipient can tell that you send a copy to someone else.

What happens if you don't sign for delivery of a certified letter?

Certified Mail is a special service started in 1955 by the US Postal Service that gives the sender proof of mailing and delivery. If the intended receiver does not sign the receipt of deliver, then he will not receive that letter. Any person can sign for the letter, so if the intended receiver is not at home, or not available to pick it up at the post office, someone else can do it for him, as long as they sign the reciept taking responsibility for the letter.

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What can you do if someone keep your mail?

Contact the post office & make sure you have submitted an address change with the post office...mail is considered government property until it is in the hands of the intended recipient. They can have their postman go to or leave a note at the old/wrong address and attempt to retrieve the mail and get it to you.

What is a certified genius?

It is someone who is very clever use ur brain!

What is a certified babysitter?

A certified babysitter is someone who is 12 or older and has passed a class in which a certificate was issued. CPR and first aid are not included in this certificate.

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