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Many were nominal Christians. However, the Nazi period saw large numbers of Germans leave the churches.

A relatively small group of Nazis tried to revive old "Nordic" beliefs and/or the occult.

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Adolf Hitler was a Catholic, but clearly not a good one. Others in the Nazi party were mainly Catholics and Lutherans. None of which should reflect on the good people who also belonged to those denominations.

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Q: What religion were the Nazis?
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Did Nazis agree with religion?


People persecuted by the Nazis because of their religion?

the answer to the people who were persecuted by the Nazis because of their religion is the JEWS no need to thank me <3 =)

How did religion affect the holocaust?

Religion effected the holocaust because Nazis targeted Jews, Gypsies, and others. The Nazis believed in only the christian belief.

Are the Nazis still a religion today?

The Nazis were not a religion, though they presented themselves to the public in Germany as national salvation movement, complete with some pseudo-religious trappings.

Did the Nazi exile people because of religion?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this. The Nazis persecuted the Jews on grounds of race, not religion. In some cases, for example Jehovah's Witnesses, people's religion brought them into conflict with the Nazis.

Did the Nazis outlaw religion?

No but they did arrest and imprison anyone who said that his religion disagreed with Nazism. Michael Montagne

What did Hitler practice against the Jewish religion?

Genocide. However, what bothered the Nazis about the Jews were race, not religion.

Why did the Nazis hate Judaism?

I think you'll find that it was the Jews (that is people) that the Nazis hated and that they had very little knowledge of Judaism (the religion).

What religion ethnicity did German Nazis send to death camps?


What was genocide practiced by the Nazis?

The nazis killed their own citizens and those in surrounding countries - specifically those of the Jewish religion, gypsies, etc.

People persecuted by Nazis because of their religion?

Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Gypsies, Jews, and Freemasons, if you consider Freemasonry a religion.

Why were the poles hated by the Nazis?

the polish people were hate because of their religion and beliefs.

How did the Jews suffer the Holocaust?

they we're tourtured and killed by the hateful nazis becuse of their religion.

How did Hitler and his Nazi party lash out against the Jews?

Nazis hated the religion of Judaism.

Did Hitler force Jews to become Christians?

No. Nazi hatred of the Jews was based on race and not religion. Additionally, the Nazis would find anyone who was even 1/4 Jewish by blood and persecute them, even if they were devout Catholics or Protestants. ______________ The Nazis saw the Jews as a race, not a religion. The Holocaust wasn't a matter of religion.

What religion did the Nazis believe in or live?

Adolf Hitler ran for public office under the Socialist Party and was very obsessed with the occult and witchcraft. A lot of the nazis were into socialism, but most were not into witchcraft.

Why do the Jews want Israel?

The Jews wanted Israel so they could escape from the Nazis and pratice their religion.

Why did he kill mainly Jews not Americans or Nazis or his own religion?

he just didnth like Jewish people

What was the main religion in Germany during World War 2?

Catholicism was not only the main religion in Nazi Germany, it was the state religion. The Catholic Church supported the Nazis, a position which changed rapidly in the mid-1940s.

Why did the Nazis kill so many people?

Because religious beliefs leading up to the Holocaust. _________ No, it had nothing to do with religion.

How could the Jewish people of the holocaust have avoided the holocaust?

Change their religion. __________ No, that was not an option, as the Nazis regarded the Jews as a race.

Were Nazis given permission to kill for religious reasons?

The reasons for the Holocaust had nothing to do with religion.Please see the related questions.

Which top nazi war criminals attended christian church services regularly?

None, nazis were not members of the Christian religion.

Why did the nazis kill jews and not any other religion?

They did kill people of other religions, but Jews were specifically because they believed in a Jewish conspiracy.

Why do you think the Nazis picked the star as means of marking the Jews?

because the star in their religion is just like the cross for christians its a sign of the Jews faith

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