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You have the right to contact a LOCAL attorney for state specific advice. First consultations are usually free.

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Q: What rights do you have if you were not notified about the pay off or any information on the car before the 15 days was up?
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Affected individuals must be notified of lost stolen or compromised information within days?

10 days

Affected individuals must be notified of lost stolen or compromised information wihtin how many days?

10 days

What rights did the miners have?

None. But they were allowed 48 days before the money was demanded from the government!

How does an inmate acquire information about future parole hearings?

Inmates facing parole hearing are notified thirty days prior to the scheduled hearing by the facility where they are housed or by the Department of corrections.

Individuals are to be notified no later than how many days after the breach is discovered and the individuals have been identified?

10 working days

How is inmate notified of parole revocation?

He will receive a letter within thirty to sixty days.

How quickly should individuals be notified after a breach is discovered and the individual has been identified?

10 days

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30 days

Where do you find out a persons parole decision?

Inmates typically are notified of the parole decision within thirty days of the hearing. It is possible in some situations for this to take longer, but typically the inmate is notified of this as well.

After filing custody papers how long before first custody hearing?

Usually about 1-2 weeks but it can be a long as 30 days. Ast the other side has to be notified and allowed to anser the custody filing

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It must be published for 40 days before personal information can be collected for a new system of records.

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