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A cog and gear attached to the transmission which turns a worm driver attached to the tach

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Q: What runs the tach on a 1994 Chrysler lebaron?
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What would cause an RPM gauge to go nutty in a 1989 Chrysler LeBaron while the car is still driving fine?

Make sure all of the wires on the coil are tight and if they are take it to a speedo shop for tach repair.

1994 Camry speedometer and tach not working?


Where is the tach wire at the coil pack on a 1994 dodge avenger?

The Avenger did not exist as a 1994 model.

How do you find a tach wire in a 1994 Dodge Colt?

You will have to find the coil first.

Where can you find the tach wire on a calibra turbo and what colour is it?

the tach wire is a solid green wire that runs from the dizzy to one of the loom connectors.

1994 mustang 3.8 ignition on tach reads 2000 rpm to 4000 rpm and engine will not start?

sounds like a dead short in the tach wire, trace the tach wire and see if it the wire insulation has been broken.

How do you install a sunpro tach in 1996 Chrysler Concorde 3.3L?

Contact the manufacturer and request an Owner's manual with installation instructions.

How do you install a Sunpro super tach 2 tachometer in a 1994 Silverado?

hook your green wire from the tach to the white wire from the coil PAC it should be a white and a yellow wire coming from the coil. the tach should have a white wire that will be your light inside the tach a red wire for power and a black for ground.. good luck

Where is the tach sending wire on a 1994 jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter this car didnt come with a tach from the factory but I would like to add one?

it's located at the bottom of the distributor

Why would the speedometer tach temp and idiot lights quit on a 1994 hardbody?

Try changing the headlight switch.

Does anybody know with a 96 s10 pickup that has no tach from the factory can you install a cluster that has a tach Will the connection be there for a tach if originally it did not have one?

theirs a green wire by distributer that is for the tach

How do you install the tach wire for a tachometer for a '99 Elantra?

IF you have the installation instructions for the tach, it prolly tells you where to attach the tach wire. If not, call the manu. of the tach or search for their website online.

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