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What should you check if your automatic transmission on your Chrysler lebaron wont do anything in forward gears but goes fine in reverse?


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2014-03-19 13:41:39
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I mean this seriously: Where you can get a good used replacement.

There is nothing external that can be the cause, it has had a serious internal failure and either needs overhaul or replacement


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Put it into reverse when moving rapidly forward.

If a car jerks forward while in the break position it is not the Automatic Break System but rather the transmission.

Make sure transmission fluid level is correct Bad transmission pump?

the forward gear clutch pack is worn out. the only solution is to get the transmission rebult.

If it has an automatic transmission, it probably needs to be replaced or rebuilt.

4 Speed Electronically Controlled Transmission. An automatic transmission with 4 forward gears and shifting that is controlled by a computer.

Remove the pan and check for metal debris, probably failed internally.

If this is an automatic transmission, more than likely the transmission is on it's way to the junkyard. Usually failing transmissions lose reverse first, then the higher forward gears - last will be the lowest forward gears.

Because the vehicle being struck is likely to be pushed forward, it is quite possible that the automatic transmission was damaged. If it is acting up at all, take it to a tranny shop and have it checked out.

If you have an automatic transmission, it probably has a forward clutch/band problem.

The car might have an automatic cut off to either disengage the transmission or cut off the engine. Otherwise you will rip apart the transmission.

Formula 1 cars are semi-automatic with a paddle powered gear change. Which usually have 6 or 7 forward gears and one reverse gear.

the clutch or clutches in the transmission are bad,even if changing the tranny filter helps the forward gears will not be right and quit again

Could be a pump problem or broken planetary. Regardless, the transmission will need to be disassembled.

Yes, If you're automatic transmission is not in PARK it will not start... sometimes if it is not completely pushed forward in PARK, it won't start... push it forward.

You may want to check your ATF level, if your ATF level is good, then there is a more advanced problem within your transmission, and you will need to see your local mechanic.

Most likely the plates or discs in the transmission are stuck together. There is really nothing to be done but repair or replace the transmission. I assume this is an automatic. They tend to fuse together so additives do not help.

If you mean the transmission itself shifts forward, it is because the transmission is suspended, so when the transmission is put in reverse gear the momentum will push the transmission forward. Now, if the car pulls forward when put in reverse, this means there is a transmission problem. This may just indicate the shift linkages need adjustment, or that the transmission has a major problem and needs repairing. Take it to a shop and have it checked.

What type of transmission do you have Maunal or Automatic? If it is a manual transmission then possibly the clutch is worn. If it is an Automatic, then possibly the fluid is too low or may just need service. Check underneath the car to see if the fluid had been leaking. Do you recall a leak underneath?

it sounds like you might have a problem with the transmissions' shifter linkage. if it is not properly adjusted it may feel as if the transmission shifts into a different gear but it actually just stays in the same one.

Check for binding shifter linkage connections at either end of the transmission shifter rod going down from inside engine compartment to the side of the transmission. Good Luck! Dub

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