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Make sure it is full of coolant. There probably is a small leak causing the smell. Check it cold as sometimes it leaks cold but not hot.

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Temperature gauge fluctuates?

Low Coolant? Weak Temerature sensor? Weak gauge Gauge working properly and recording the thermostat opening and closing as engine temperature fluctuates

What causes the fuel gauge to fluctuate on 1998 Izusu?

When you turn a corner the guage fluctuates.

What if the fuel pressure is at 80 psi in an explorer?

Your pressure gauge may be broken....If it fluctuates, then you know its not your gauge, but if your gauge always reads 80, it may need to be replaced.

Why does the temperature gauge on your car fluctuate?

The temperature gauge on a car fluctuates because the car's thermostat is opening and closing. The gauge goes up when the thermostat closes and the gauge goes down when the thermostat opens.

Why does your temp gauge fluctuate when you drive?

because your thermostat is opening and closing as the engine temp. fluctuates

Why is it when your temperature gauge does not move you do not get heat when your gauge moves you get heat in your Ford Taurus?

The gauge does not cause the heat; it only shows what it is.

Where is the oil pressure gauge located on a 2002 Ford Taurus?

The oil pressure gauge on a 2002 Ford Taurus is located right next to where the battery is, toward the middle of the actual car. The gauge is connected to the front of the engine.

How much fuel pressure should a 1993 3.8 Ford Taurus have?

I just bought a fuel pressure gauge and it comes with a book. In that book every make and model imaginable. I have a Ford Taurus and the pressure for yours should be 40 psi

What would be the problem if your 86 s10 temp gauge fluctuates?

Could be low on coolant or a faulty thermostat.

Why does the temperature gauge in your 2004 Pontiac grand prix fluctuates so much?

Because it is a Pontiac. Sorry, man.

Why does your temperature gauge drop when engine is hot on ford focus2005?

check the antifreeze

Your 96 lumina gas gauge fluctuates do you need to replace it or is it harmless?

The gauge is part of the fuel pump/float assembly within the gas tank. It is probably a $500.00 repair. It is harmless.

How do you change the gauge light in a 98 ford Taurus se?

To change the gauge lights on a 1998 Ford Taurus SE, the dash cover has to be removed to access the burned out bulbs. There are screws and clips holding the dash cover on.

Manifold gauge fluctuates?

This can be a sign of a bad compressor and you will need to run a compressor check first, this can be done without draining the freon....

Why does my Fuel gauge works erratically on 2002 Ford Taurus?

The fuel sending unit is sticking, or the wiring to the gauge is loose. These are the two most common causes of an erratic gauge.

2000 Ford Taurus fuel gauge stuck on full what could be the problem?

either the fuel gauge needs replacing or the fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank is stuck

Will no antifreeze in the car cause the temperature gauge to go up?

Yes, because your vehicle will overheat.

How do you find information on a 12 gauge Rossi shotgun?

Depends on what info you are seeking. Rossi is owned by Taurus. The Taurus website would be a good starting point.

Why the antifreeze is leaking but the temp gauge is still within normal all the time?

The temp may not go up until the antifreeze leaks way down. Or the temp gauge may not be working right. The leak needs to be fixed, or the engine can overheat and cause permanent damage.

Why does your 2002 polo playa not idle when cold but when its hot it idles the fuel gauge and heat gauge fluctuates aswell?

sounds like it might be due to bad earthing. Check earth strap from battery to body to engine.

Your temperature gauge fluctuates when you turn the heater on?

Temperature gauge may drop when heater turned on because additional coolant from heater core is introduced to cooling system - usually this coolant is cooler than what is currently circulating

Why is a 1991 Chevrolet Corsica spewing antifreeze out the reserve overflow when the temp gauge says its not overheating?

AnswerIs the system overfull?, Is your gauge working?I had the same problem and I had to replace the head gaskets.

Is it safe to drive the car if antifreeze is leaking to drive it to the mechanic about 5 miles?

yes just make sure antifreeze level is topped off and you will make it just watch temp gauge.

Why is there no heat and the heater gauge is running hot in my 1996 Ford Taurus?

Low coolant? Thermostat not opening?

Does the oxygen sensor effect temperature gauge on Ford Taurus LX?

No - they are in 2 totally different systems