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Actually, there are several solutions to this problem. First there is Augured-Pier additions. There are a lot of companies doing this. Another is called Hydraulic-Jacking. This is done by pumping a concrete type material under the footing slab under high pressure. There are others as well. It should be mentioned that many problems may become even worse, in reverse. Water levels may again be brought up to a point where the supporting ground swells and the modifications are raised by the swelling ground. It is my suggestion that the ground be thoroughly examined by a Geotechnical Engineer. A structural engineer should be brought in to review the Geotech's report and an engineered solution should be implemented. If rising and falling water table is a reoccurring problem, several times over a hundred year period or anually, it may be possible to see this on a continuing basis. A good Geotech will know this and make the appropriate suggestions, like a drain field, pump, etc. Good engineers are expensive, but worth their weight in GOLD! Only an engineer can properly fix an engineering problem. Structural problems, and the ground is a structure by definition as it is supporting a load, your house, can only be solved through proper structural engineering. Some companies can do a quick fix. Quick fixes tend to quickly fail. If you are going to fix this, fix it once, fix it right! If this is an area problem it may be advisable to ask your neighbors if they are having the same problem and how they are fixing it. You may even be able to group a solution and get a group rate repair cost. Terry

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Q: What should you do if the foundation is settling on your 2-year-old home caused by the drought in northern Missouri this year and it will be 27000 dollars to fix?
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Why can a foundation develop cracks?

Ground settling.

Raise Concrete Foundation?

form_title=Raise Concrete Foundation form_header=10603 What is the reason for raising your foundation? (Please check all that apply)*= [] Foundation cracked or broken [] Walls or piers are settling [] Cracks in walls/sheet rock [] Wall is tipping [] Foundation is settling and needs to be raised [] Doors/windows stick Is there water present in the area of the repair?*= () Yes () No () Don't Know

Why are you getting cracks in your house wall?

Cracks usually indicate foundation problems. When the ground swells or contracts, your foundation will move up or down. If you are on blocks, you have a block that is settling.

Popcorn ceiling all around crown molding cracking and falling down?

Sounds like a roof leak or a foundation settling problem.

Will homeowners insurance cover damaged the foundation settling caused by drought?

No. Movement of earth is specifically excluded by homeowners insurance. This is the fault of the builder for not compacting the earth properly and providing the proper foundation. Home insurance was not made to cover such.

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How can you determine if the foundation of your house is settling?

easiest way is to look for settlement cracks in drywall or plaster. another way is to look for sloping floors. yet another is looking at the foundation and/or piers themselves- any cracks, sliding, erosion around the house?? name a few

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If your home is settling only on one side causing damage to the slab foundation interior walls and floors with no previous problems will your home owners insurance cover the damage?

This is an easy one, NO.

Does homeowners insurance cover a foundation wall caving in if no water or mud is present but cement blocks fall into the basement below ground level?

Homeowners policies have an exclusion for 'settling, shrinking, bulging, cracking, ect. of a foundation or wall. You can report the claim and see what your insurance company does, maybe you are on a sinkhole.

What causes the ceiling to separate from the walls?

I'm assuming you mean vertically (The ceiling appears to moving up). Your house could be heaving or settling. You should check your foundation for cracks. You may have a huge problem.

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Steel buildings settle at the same rate as traditional wood frame buildings do. It is the type of foundation that is more important.

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Does insurance cover a settling foundation caused by heavy rain?

Most homeowners policys will say the loss must be ''sudden and accidental'' not ''gradual" turn in the claim for the answer, doesn't cost anything to file the claim........good luck to you......

Does homeowner's insurance cover house foundation damage?

Most home insurance policies do not cover normal and expected ground settling. However, you can check your policy or telephone your insurance agent and find out if you have coverage for ground movement.

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Does insurance cover a settling concrete foundation if there were multiple plumbing leaks under it in the past?

This could be a complex situation. If the home has been insured with the same insurance company during all of these plumbing leak losses and now the foundation damage it would be wise to report a claim. Expert opinions on the cause of the foundation problem may be required in order to assess coverage. Sometimes insurance companies hire the expert to look into it (oftenly to support a denial, unfortunately). //