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Tell him about the rumors and ask if it's true. If he answers, you need to believe what he says until you know otherwise. Don't base major decisions that affect your relationships on rumors, however, if you ever find that he lied about something as big as that, it's a deal-breaker and you should end it.

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Who is Madonna dating?

shes not dating anyone she is married but there rumors of her getting a divorce maybe you should look into it

Are the Jonas Brothers free?

If you mean "free" as in "single"...yes, they should be. There are rumors that Joe is dating Taylor Swift, but they have yet to be confirmed.

Should a grade 9 girl be dating a grade 12 boy?

AnswerIf you want to you should, but be aware. Rumors can hurt, and people are going to talk. In addition, older guys usually only think of sex. As long as you can really really trust him not to take advantage of you, I don't see why not. Another thought, if a roomer did happen to get out that you two had sex he could go to jail. i wouldn't if I was you because rumors can go around about you dating him or her people could think you had sex all older boys want to do is have sex you could become pregnant but if you really love him then follow your heart and beware.

What can I do when my sister spreads rumors and lies about me?

You should ignore her and then tell her that lie and spreading rumors is not good.

You are a 11 year old who likes a 11 or a12 year old what should you do?

Forget about it. If you start dating early, you'll end up pregnant.

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I heard recent rumors that he is dating Taylor Swift, but I'm not so sure yet. Okaii that is just rumors...No one really knows who Joe Jonas currently likes, but Joe Jonas. Yes, I know...that's why they're called "rumors" one knows if he does, except Joe himself, but they are rumors because people think that he likes her. Yeaa true...will we should ask Joe Jonas himself if he ever write on here because i would love to see who he currently likes. what about you?

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No she should not get pregnant at this age.

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When should you get your first ultrasound when you are pregnant?

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How do you tel your best friend her older brother got you pregnant?

that's a toughie, are you dating the guy? if she knows you're dating him then it should be easy to tell her, unless you're not 25+. if you're under 25, then you're gonna need some help.

Is dating on WikiAnswers wrong?

Yes, dating on WikiAnswers is wrong. WikiAnswers is not an online chatting or dating service, and should not be used as such. WikiAnswers is a question and answer site, and should only be used as that and not a dating service.

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Should i confront adult who is spreading rumors about my son?

well it depends what types of rumors and if youre sure this person is spreading them then deffinitely id say go for it.

Is Nicole Richie really pregnant?

Nicole Ritchie's PregnancyThere are rumors she is, but the sudden belly on the very thin celebrity, somewhat confirm it.Nicloe Richie is pregnant !!!!!!!!yes Nicole Richie is actaully really pregnant isn't that just unbelievable! The breaking news said that she actaully really is pregnant so, I guess that, that means that she is pregnant. I don't think that she should be having a baby because, if she can't control herself by not eating and just trying to starve herself then she shouldn't deserve to be pregnant at all period! If she actaully is going to have this baby then she should at least eat as much as she can for the baby's sake. If she can't even take care of herself then why should she even be lucky enough to be pregnant. what ever I just thinlk that, that is kind of unfair that's all.SHE IS PREGNANTI saw here on ET America and she is definitely pregnant!!!

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I think kids should be able to start dating when they want to.

Online Dating Questions?

There are so many online dating questions. When do you exchange personal information? Where should you go for your first date? Which dating site is right for you? What should you put on your dating profile? These questions all effect your online dating experience.

Is the sixth grade and 12 years old to young for a girl to start dating if so when should she start?

There is no set age for anyone to start dating. You should start dating when you feel comfortable with the idea of dating.

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This probably won't cause hearing loss. If you are worried, you should talk to our doctor or have your hearing tested.

A guy hates you because of rumors what should you do?

Just ignore him.Alot of boys do that to me

What is a sentence for unsubstantiated?

The rumors are completely unsubstantiated and they should not be reported as factual by the newspaper.