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well the first thing that you need to do is spice up your marriage relationship because most of the times when the mariiage is bored then the other person starts getting attracted to other people who will show him or her some excitement. remember just because people get married they shouldn't change there ways towards each other. and then compare from what the other person you are atrracted to to your husband or wife and then talk about it. be open with your partner. so remember spice up your marriage

AnswerYour MARRIED-(HELLO). Unless you want to make for a miserable period in your life, then get un-infatuated. It is fine to fantacize, but keep it there. I couldn't imagine the brutal mental rollercoaster that you would put yourself on after having an affair. Could you live with yourself for trading in any trust or character?

Been there, done that! Stop anything and everything you're doing to be connected and around this other man. This may sound crazy, but you have to treat him as though he's poison to you because he is. You are married. If you value marriage and your husband, you have to back off completely. If this other person is aware of your infatuation, be honest with him and tell him you cannot have any kind of relationship with him.

If you don't back off, remember you're human. And if you let this go too far, it will be very difficult for you to stop when you should. If you break your commitment to your husband, you're also breaking a commitment to yourself to be faithful. How would you feel if this were your husband writing this question? What would you want him to do if he someone found himself very attracted to someone else? If you're being completely honest with yourself, you know what to do. Do what is right or be prepared to forever regret your actions.

The golden rule applies: Do unto others as you've have them do unto you. Good luck

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Q: What should you do if you are married and you are totally infatuated with another guy and you cannot get him out of your head?
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