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That's a wide open question and a lot of the answer depends on the history of your marriage. I can say, as a one-time non-believer, that counseling with and psychologist or LCSW can be immensly beneficial. Just the chance to say what you both feel in the presence of an objective mediator can be cathartic. Talk to your wife and try hard to hear her side and express your own. Good luck.

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Q: What should you do if you love your spouse but she wants to leave you?
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What do you do if you are married and in love with someone who is also in love with you?

You should probably try to get over it. Unless you wish to disrespect your spouse and leave her for another person, and injure your reputation, you should stay with your spouse.

Girl moves out leaves her ex boyfriend stuff there?

men should be the ones who leave because they should have that much love for they spouse that they want the woman to have the shelter

What should you do if your girlfriend wants to leave you but you love her so much?

I'm 15years old and i need answers... What should i do if my girlfdiend is planning to leave me soon but i love her so much and sometimes she says you have been noting but a friend to me??

What to do when you love her and she wants to leave you and she is leaving you after two days?

you should just forget about her if she really loved you she wouldn't be leaving and if not go after her tell her how you feel and embrace your love for her love her love her love her.

What do you do if your spouse loves you more than you love them?

Either learn to love them or leave them if your sure that's not possible.

I am married he is married We didn't mean to do it but we fell in love should we hurt others to be happy for ourselves?

Well if you are not in love with your spouse and you are "cheating" on your spouse it will no doubtedly come out and they will get hurt, whether you tell them now or later, does it really matter. If you are "in love" with someone other than your spouse that will mean that you are not even giving your spouse a chance in being happy anyway, because you are unhappy, and if you stay with your spouse eventually you will resent them for your unhappiness, and who wants to live that way? I say be honest not only to your spouse but to yourself, if you stay in your marriage...nobody will be happy.

Should a person forgive their spouse for cheating with a prostitute?

It is about your relationship do what your heart says if you are not good enough for your spouse for what ever reason at the time talk to them about it they should know how you feel about the situation. It is defiantly not a good relationship if your spouse lies to you and cheats on you. If it were up to me I would talk to them and tell them that if I wasn't good enough for them it is their loss and that if I'm not their only love (in a partner sort of way) I'm not their love at all and leave them. But this dicition is not up to me it is up to you and your spouse

What does it mean when a woman wants to leave with you when you leave?

it probably means that she like shes fallen in love you

If the girl who you love wants you be in relationship with one of his friend what does this mean?

She does not love you.So be sporty and increase your relationship with her friend. u should go ahead in your life and leave that worst girl who does not love you.

What if your spouse love you more than you love him?

If he loves you more than you love him than you need to learn how to love him just as much as he loves you. You should love each other equally and live happily, if not then just split up. You should be happy that you have a spouse that loves you very much :)

How much time and love is considered reasonable to give your parents and siblings with your spouse as a priority?

You should try to give everyone some of your love but most of it should go to your spouse. Together with your spouse you are one flesh. But don't reject your other family members; keep everyone knowing that you love them. Hope it helps!

Should you ask if you can attend funeral?

no you shouldn't you should just go. If you love that person then just go. If someone wants you to leave tell them" im not here for you im here for ( name).

Does a man love you when he puts you down calls your kids names says your bugging him leave me alone wont help out But says i love you and cries when i leave him?

No he does not love you you should leave him all together. If he loved you he would not continue to put you down and he would love your children because they are a part of you. If you are having sex with this man this is why he continues to say I Love You. he just wants it from you. Answer: No he does not, he is manipulating your emotions to keep you under his control.

What to do when you are married and your husband cheated on you but you still love him but you dont know if you should leave or stay?

if you know he cheated on you, you should leave him because he doesn't love you

What is the summary of the poem love growth by john donne?

The poet complains that he does not yet have "all" of his beloved's love, despite using all of his resources to woo her. She should not leave some love for others, nor should she leave herself open to wooing by others later. Yet, he also wants her to keep some of her love for him in reserve so that they can enjoy a constantly growing relationship. source:

What should you do if you just dont think you love your spouse the way a wife should?

talk to him about it and hope he isn't a nutter

He wants me to whisper in his ear but what should I say besides I love you?

== ==

What should be done when you find out your boyfriend is still dating his ex girlfriend?

you should leave him or u should make him choose, who he wants. but if he picks her he does not love u. people do what they want no matter what other people say nor tell them what to do.

What should I do I found out my boyfriend isn't in love with me and he says it's because I've been too needy and controlling?

He wants you to leave him alone sometime and let him be with his friends more.

What if you like a boy and all he wont is sex?

It is okay he is a guy, but if he wants to do if have sex with you and nothing more then he just wants to use you try to get an advantage of you if your going to have sex with him make sure you find out that he loves you back, you should see if he has love and lust for you, not just wants to get into your pants and leave.

How should you tell her that you love her?

that's for you to find out, she wants to know how you love her, not some guy on the internet would love

I want what you want?

this was a pretty random question. people who say this are usually in love. when people are in love they want what there partner wants to leave them satisfied.

What should you do when your girlfriend says she loves you but she is not in love with you?

Leave her alone.

How do abusive men trick their spouse to not leave them?

They isolate them from family and friends so that they think they don't have anyone to turn for help. They make them feel that they can't survive without them. They threaten them or someone they love if the spouse makes an effort to leave. They emotionally blackmail them by threatening suicide. They promise to change.

Why should you love god?

You should love God because he loves you and wants you to do great things for him. Also because his son Jesus is your savior.