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what do you mean have another relationship? If so then he doesn't love you he telling you that so you'll stick around don't listen to that fool because that what he wants you to think that he loves you so you won't go no where if he loved you he would not go out with someone else that isn't you so forget about him until he decides that it's you and only you wants don't play second fiddle to nobody either be number one or nothing at all.

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend keeps telling you he loves you but goes out with someone else?
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What do I do if my ex's girlfriend keeps asking my kids about my new boyfriend?

You should be confronting your ex and telling him you do not like his girlfriend asking your children about your new boyfriend and if it keeps up he will only be able to see his children at your home or without his ex girlfriend.

What would you think when a guy friend keeps asking you when are you getting married When he knows you are with someone?

There is no telling what he is thinking. He doesn't have inside information from your boyfriend, and you certainly don't want to confide your hopes at this point. Perhaps think about telling him that he will be the first to know if and when it happens.

What should I do I like a girl and she likes me but she keeps telling me that she doesn't want a boyfriend right now what should i do?

maybe she feels tha if you two are yearning each other the relationship will only be lust not love

What do you do when your boyfriend keeps telling you to leave whenever you fight?

u shoold leave and when he trys to call you answer it and ask him what his problem is!!

What should you do if your boyfriend keeps ignoring you?

either impress him or brake up with him

What should you do if your boyfriend keeps calling your best friend a dog?

dump him

What does it mean when your boyfriend says to your best friend that he doesn't no why he keeps saying yes to me?

it means that your boyfriend might be with you and someone else and he doesn't want you to be mad at him about it so he just keeps on saying yes to you.

Should you be worried that your girlfriend keeps pictures of her ex-boyfriend around?

Yes, because her ex-boyfriend is me.

How can you tell your boyfriend loves you?

If someone really loves you(your boyfriend) he would tell yuou that you are purdyyy. oh and he should do things for you even if you can clearly do them for yourself. he'll seem interested in you that way ndd it keeps everything cool.

I don't know what to do because one girl at my school keeps on telling my boyfriend that i am cheating on him with one of my guy friends but i am not and i do not know if my boyfriend trusts me?

The way to look at is if your boyfriend loves u he will belive u. That other girl is probably just trying to get with your boyfriend .

My brothers gay and has a younger boyfriend he's 21 the other's 14 what should he do?

He should look for someone his own age as it would be inappropriate to date someone so young at his age. If he keeps his younger boyfriend then he must make sure there is no sexual relationship until the younger boy reaches the age of consent for homosexuals.

How do i keep a good friendship with someone if her boyfriend keeps hitting on me?

Tell him to stop and tell her he's doing it.

What does it mean if my girlfriend keeps telling me i love you?

it means ... SHE LOVES YOU! and maybe you should buy her a ring

How do you say to your boyfriend when he keeps speaking about your best friend?

tell him, " you got interest with my friend?" or " do you mind telling me more about her, i think you know her more than i do huh?" tell him that if he thinks she is more interesting than you then he should go out with her not you

What does it mean if your boyfriend keeps telling you that his mom likes you?

It means that he wants you to meat her and trie to like her she will accept you and you might be able to go to the next step.

What does a head cook do?

a head cook does all the telling on what his other chefs should do and he keeps things running

What is the past tense of terry keeps telling you?

terry kept telling

How do you tell your boyfriend not to cheat?

He should know this. Move on if this keeps happening because no man is worth that.

Does your boyfriend love you if he keeps asking for sex?

No! just keep telling him no, but you should really break up with him. sorry to break that to you but it is the truth. and it mean he just is in a relationship with u cause he want sex and im guess he does not like u sorry :(

Boyfriend that's lives 20 mins away but he never texts and is never on msn what should you do?

What can i do if the boyfriend lives close to me and still keeps in touch with me

What do you do if a boy keeps telling you he likes someone then you and so on.But when school is almost out he tells you he likes you and you don't know if you should trust what he said. What to do?

Play hard to get. If he plays that game then you know hes for real.

What does don't be a backseat driver mean?

A "backseat driver" is someone who's not driving, but keeps telling the driver what to do, like they're trying to drive.

Who are the cast of twilight dating?

Robert Pattinson (aka Edward Cullen) has asked Kristen Stewart (aka Bella) out, but she rejected it everytime because she keeps telling him that she already has a boyfriend.

A guy keeps on asking you about what you would and wouldn't do with a boyfriend is he trying to say he likes you?

Probably not. He's trying to find someone to satisfy him.

What does it mean when your boyfriend keeps believing his friends lies about you?

It means he isn't worth your time and you should break up with him because he's a jerk. (: Answer I agree with the above answer! If he believes his friends over you and you are telling him the truth then you need to think about the relationship and the trust you have between both of you.