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Well I am with someone who has had emotional affairs multiple times. He down plays it becasue they dont have sex. He has slept with and tried to sleep with women though. I have begged and cried for him to stop and every time he says he will. He wont. Everytime we get any problem there he is talking to other girls. Its more painful to me then him having a one night stand because its intimate. He has feelings for her and her him. Its so hurtful. You have every right to be as angry and hurt as if he was to have sex. If he will have an emotional affair he would be willing to have a sexual one. Him telling you is a good sign, I always had to find out myself and snoop around cause he would lie. I guess you can hope it doesnt happen again and give him another chance. Or walk away now before you end up like me. Thank you for your advise. Should I call the girl and tell her that the man she's been talking is my husband. And should I tell her that "It is alright to just have my husband as one of her friend only not a boyfriend?" They are both medical students. I think this is one of reason why my husband is attracted to her. The girl is currently located out of state, so the phonecalls exceeds more than 3-6 hours per day. I am getting hurt. My husband even bought me the new Toshiba Tablet PC -- I told him this is not a gift, its a bribe. He honestly told me that its 50% bribe and 50% gift. He constantly reminding me that he only loves me' that his heart only belongs to me. Everytime I want to move-out, he cries. Now, he just promised that everytime he will talk to the girl, he will let me hear it. I think doing this means that he is just playing with the other girl? Please advise. Thank you once again.

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How do you end your husband's emotional affair?

* Ending an emotional affair is difficult because there is no physical contact between your husband and the other woman and the mind is free to think as that individual allows it. If your husband is willing you should seek marriage counseling so you can learn the tools to communicate with your spouse and they you and if your husband will have nothing to do with counseling then be blunt in saying you are not wasting your life on him if he continues to have this emotional affair and will at least get a separation from him in hopes he will see how hurtful he is being to you and if he does not snap out of it divorce will be your next step. By allowing him to do as he pleases and staying with you then you are enabling this emotional affair. Often humans want what they cannot have and this may well be where your husbands thoughts are now.

What are signs that you are having an emotional affair?

An "emotional affair" is an affair, which excludes physical intimacy but includes emotional intimacy. It may also be called an affair of the heart. Where one partner is in a committed monogamous relationship, an emotional affair is a type of chaste nonmonogamy without consummation. When the affair breaches an agreement in the monogamous relationship of one of the partners to the affair, the term infidelity may be more apt source: wikipedia

Should your husband tell his coworker that their emotional affair is over?

If it is yes most definately.

Husband had an emotional affair with co-worker and still works with her?

ANSWER:Did your husband had physical affair with this woman? If he did I think it's time for you to put your feet out there and tell him what is wrong with your relationship together. If he don't comply with you, then talk to that woman he work with and be person who do cares about you not wanting for her to connect with your husband anymore because he is not being honest with you.

What if a married man wants emotional affair with man?

Emotional affairs usually lead to physical (sexual) affairs.

Should your wife still be in contact with him?

Gosh no, how can she justify the pain that she gave to her husband if she still contact him. If this is what she is doing, for God sake just get a divorce so both can move on. Just like when the husband is the one that had the affair, if he keeps contact with his mistress what do you think the wife will feel? Either way husband or wife that has the affair needs to be honest, and never contact the affair partner..

How the unhappy married woman stop emotional affair at workplace?

First, if you are unhappily married you should most definitely talk about it with your husband. See if there is something he can do differently to increase your happiness. Otherwise, move to Egypt. To stop your emotional affair (if you decide to leave your husband you dont have to) turn the person against you by avoiding them, so they constantly diss you so you no longer have your emotional affair.

What is the Impact of an Emotional Affair on Children?

define emotional affair

Do many married women cheat?

Yes. I was with my husband for 20 years, married 13 years with 2 children - 8 and 11. I had an affair. He was also married. Very strong emotional affair, which turned to a physical affair over time. I ended up deciding to end my marriage. The affair was not the cause of the problems in my marriage, but more a result of them.

How long before an emotional affair becomes physical?

Not long at all. For me my emotions got the best of me.

Do you have to have intercourse for it to be considered an affair?

No not at all, having an affair can also be emotional. How deeply you feel about that other person, that's What happens then later intercourse could come. But affairs can not only be physical but emotional an mental.

How can you tell if your husband having a emotional affair?

Speaking again from experience (being the one that had the emotional affair, I'd say the signs are always there. An ''obsession'' to talk about the person, a distancing in you're own relationship, listening to love songs, pulling away from a physical relationship with you, or even saying the wrong name when with you. The opportunities that they seek out to be with this person, etc.

What do you say to the person your husband is having an emotional affair with?

Take what you said to your husband (because, you know, he's not without blame for this, either), and modify it as you see fit.

What is the definition or meaning of Affair?

an affair is when a guy and a women are married and either the guy is secretly seeing someone else or its the other way around.ANSWER:Affair is a relationship with another person who is not your husband or wife. Affair is not a one night stand relationship that you can go home and act like nothing happen. Affair is a relationship that will last months or maybe years because the person who's having an affair do fall in love with the other woman or other man. There are two kinds of "Affair", one is Emotional affair where a spouse become close to the other person who is not the spouse. It brings two person very close because they can talk about anything, and they can only share it to each others.Physical affair is all about intimacy with feelings, because they are more closer and love each others. Physical Affair is dangerous to but not like emotional. emotional affair is what breaks and destroy marriage or end up having divorce.

How can someone deal with the devastation of an emotional and physical affair?

you can move on but you will never get over it or trust them ever again!

How do you move past your spouses emotional affair?

When your spouse has an emotional affair, it takes on a different meaning than a physical affair. Emotional affairs mean that your spouse has given part of their love and devotion to someone else. When it is about sex, you can find ways to move past it easier. When it involves emotion, well that is a whole different animal.

My husband is calling a previous mistress and in am emotional relationship with her Will it become another affair in time?

yes the same hapend to me and fast

Husband cheated on me and they are still friends?

You can't work on the issues in your marriage with your husband until he's a full partner in the marriage again. This is impossible unless he ends the affair completely--which he hasn't done. An affair doesn't truly end when the sex ends, it ends when the affair partners cease contact with eachother. Keeping in contact only feeds the emotional high both parties got from the affair. Unfortunately, this also sounds like gaslighting---your husband and the affair partner are claiming to be only friends, while there is still an emotional (and possibly sexual) relationship going on without your knowledge. Your husband isn't making a choice here; he's simply hoping to keep both his marriage and his relationship with the affair partner. You need to make the best choice for yourself at this time. Privately go to an attorney, look through your finances and have an honest talk with your husband. Demand, not ask, that he make a choice---either he becomes a full partner in the marriage by going to counseling with you and completely ending contact with the affair partner (even if it means changing jobs or moving), or he needs to leave the marital residence ASAP and expect a divorce.

How can I explain my affair to my husband and that there was no intimacy?

You will have to think very clearly about telling your husband about having an emotional affair. Most men do not believe a woman can have an emotional affair and not have a sexual relationship. There is a high possibility that your husband may not believe that when you had an affair there was no sex involved although this is highly possible, but not in his mind. What you can do is learn good communication skills and you must have had your reasons (that clouded your judgment) to have an affair and you need to deal with these problems. Take time to think why you felt the need to have an emotional affair in the first place and then sit down with your husband and express why you are unhappy in the marriage and perhaps seek Marriage Counseling or the two of you could make a better effort with each other to make your marriage a more solid one. Once you have broken that bond of trust with your spouse it is difficult to gain their trust back.

Can you face and overcome the emotional roadblock of your husband affair so you can heal?

u can over come anything if u put your mind to it :)

How can the wife deal with a husband in an emotional affair?

The key to most problems is good communication skills. Be absolutely sure that your husband is even in an emotional affair. It is sometimes common when a husband is having marriage problems that they may seek out either a female coworker or some other female they know. You need to sit down with your husband in private (no children around if you have children) or go for a walk just the two of you and without accusations ask your husband if he is unhappy in the marriage. If he does not respond and you know for sure he is having an emotional affair then let him know it and that you are not going to stand by and enable his behavior. You could both go to marriage counseling where you will gain the tools to deal with marriage problems. If you husband is not willing to try in the marriage and as much as it may break you heart tell him you are not putting up with his emotional affair (leaving you out) and you will go for a separation to give both of you some space to figure out what you are going to do in the marriage.

What are the release dates for An Emotional Affair - 2013?

An Emotional Affair - 2013 was released on: USA: 4 November 2013

What if you're attracted to your husband's best friend?

It happens, and doesn't mean you're doing something wrong by being attracted to his best friend. However, acting on that attraction and conveniently forgetting or disregarding the commitment you made to your husband would be wrong. That goes for having or trying to engage in an emotional affair or a physical affair with him.

Why were men allowed to sleep with others and women would get in trouble if they slept with anyone else besides their husband?

cus that's the way the world works its in mens DNA to cheat its in womens to take care of the home emotional affair is much worse than physical, don't forget that an affair is not a disease, its a symptom

How many months does a emotional affair last?

Each individual is different when it comes to an emotional affair. It can last a couple of months to more than a year. The person having the emotional affair has to make the decision in their own lives. Ask themselves if the person they are having an emotional affair with has a mate or is married (that is a no-no) or does the person that is the target of the emotional affair care for the other person the same way. If the person is unattached and the person who is having the emotion affair with them should be communicating how they feel to this person.