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What should you do if your husband told you that he is having an emotional affair with no physical contact but you are very hurt?

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May 01, 2005 7:41PM

Well I am with someone who has had emotional affairs multiple times. He down plays it becasue they dont have sex. He has slept with and tried to sleep with women though. I have begged and cried for him to stop and every time he says he will. He wont. Everytime we get any problem there he is talking to other girls. Its more painful to me then him having a one night stand because its intimate. He has feelings for her and her him. Its so hurtful. You have every right to be as angry and hurt as if he was to have sex. If he will have an emotional affair he would be willing to have a sexual one. Him telling you is a good sign, I always had to find out myself and snoop around cause he would lie. I guess you can hope it doesnt happen again and give him another chance. Or walk away now before you end up like me. Thank you for your advise. Should I call the girl and tell her that the man she's been talking is my husband. And should I tell her that "It is alright to just have my husband as one of her friend only not a boyfriend?" They are both medical students. I think this is one of reason why my husband is attracted to her. The girl is currently located out of state, so the phonecalls exceeds more than 3-6 hours per day. I am getting hurt. My husband even bought me the new Toshiba Tablet PC -- I told him this is not a gift, its a bribe. He honestly told me that its 50% bribe and 50% gift. He constantly reminding me that he only loves me' that his heart only belongs to me. Everytime I want to move-out, he cries. Now, he just promised that everytime he will talk to the girl, he will let me hear it. I think doing this means that he is just playing with the other girl? Please advise. Thank you once again.