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First don't act desperate. You can compete with the best of them. You need to watch for those moments when you can impress her. If she needs a door opened or her books fall be there to help her. Do not stalk her but if you are ready for the moment it will certainly come. Also dress cool don't dress like a dork. good luck and act like you own the place

AnswerFirst, don't just assume that a girl likes some other guys more because you think they are cooler. Girls all have different tastes. Some girls go for football stars, some girls go for guys on the debate team, some girls like the shy but nice guys. Simply be confident that you're a good guy and worth a girl's time. Then just talk to her. You don't have to ask her out, and the conversation shouldn't be about anything designed to impress her, just have a conversation, show some interest in her, and once you've talked a few times, judge how she reacts to you; if she still doesn't seem interested in talking and is somewhat cold, find another girl, this one's not biting. Even the best pickup artists cannot pick up every girl, it just depends if you are her type. If she seems to like talking to you, then take the next step and suggest meeting elsewhere to talk more, like dinner or coffee or the football game or something. Basically there is no way to MAKE a girl like you - all you can do is give her the chance to see the real you, and see if that's her type; if its not, then you find one who fits you better.

Don't even try shell just leave you all alone in the rain like a dog.

but if you try, just be yourself it pays off. but if it doesn't work and she hates you than you should just try again in a couple months. after it works just watch chick flicks on saterdays with her, believe me chicks dig chick flicks

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Q: What should you do to make a girl like you and should you give up because there are much cooler guys in your school?
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