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What should you do when a new starter spins the relay but does not engage whenever the battery that is OK is connected on a 1994 Ford F-150 6-cylinder with manual transmission?

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2006-07-29 04:53:54

Sounds Like You Have A Defective Starter, Maybe A Bad Starter

Drive. Or Worse Your Flywheel Ring Gear May Be Stripped In The Spot

It Has Stopped In. Rotate Your Engine A Few Inches By Hand. Be Sure

To Remove Coil Wire. After Doing This Plug Back The Coil Wire. See

If It Will Engage. Or You Hear A Grinding Noise. If It Starts Or

Rotates, ( Stripped Ring Gear ) If Not Take It Back To Parts House.

Have Them Test It. Also Make Sure All The Wires Are On It

Correctly, GOOD LUCK

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