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Bleed the brakes. It sounds like you have air in the system.

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When should stab braking never be used?

On a vehicle with anti lock brakes

What type of bike braking system should you use when racing in wet terrain?

That all depends on what's most important to you; good braking or low weight. Disc brakes offers better braking but are heavier. Rim brakes are lighter, but braking will suffer in wet conditions.

When should the brakes be changed on a 2004 Toyota Highlander?

There is no 'set' answer for this question. Be aware that there are built-in warning devices on the brakes. When the pads are low you will begin hear a screeching sound whenever you apply the brakes. When you start hearing that sound consistently - it is time.

If your vehicle has a hydraulic fluid braking system then you should stomp on the break and not let up in an emergency?

No, it locks up on the brakes

Why are the brakes in your 2003 Toyota 4runner locking up?

If the brakes on a 2003 Toyota 4Runner are locking up there is a problem with the calipers. The units should be inspected for wear, to avoid any serious injury.

How do you check car brakes?

common sense Listen for squeaking and feel for pulsating when braking. Too much of either and you should have them looked at.

Why would the brakes on a car not work as well as they used to?

Brakes wear and require maintenance. They should always "work as well as they used to". When you detect a change in the braking have a trusted mechanic inspect them asap.

How much will it cost to replace new brakes for 1998 Toyota?

It would probably cost at least $200. You should ask your local repair shop to specifically find out how much it would be to replace the brakes in your Toyota.

Can you drive without inti lock?

Anti-lock? As in "Anti-Lock Brakes"? Many cars don't come equipped with Anti-Lock Braking Systems. If you car is supposed to have anti-lock brakes and they are not working properly, you should have them fixed. You should never drive around with faulty brakes.

What does ABS light mean?

ABS = Anti-Lock Brake SystemIf you have this light come on while not braking, it most likely means there is a problem with the electronic controls in your brakes. If it comes on while you are braking, it means the Anti-Lock has kicked in. It should only do that however, if you are braking really hard.

Should I get a brake check since a random noise is made when I brake?

If you hear any kind of noise upon braking, you should get your brakes checked. Sometimes it's just a matter of needing an adjustment. Brakes that do not work properly can be very dangerous to ignore.

When skidding should you apply a quick motion pumping to your brake?

No, if your car has ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) do not pump your brakes. The anti lock system does this for you.

When should timing belt be changed on a 2000 4runner SR5?


How often do you change brakes on a kia mini van?

How often brakes should be changed depends on the type of brakes in the vehicle and the use of the bakes in the vehicle. However, the general rule is every 10,000 miles.

How often should spark plugs be changed on 2004 Toyota matrix?

I just spoke with a Parts person at a local Toyota dealer. He told me that the 2004 Toyota Matrix requires Iridium spark plugs, which retails for about $12 at the dealership, and it should not need to be changed until 120,000 miles.

When the brakes are worn on only one side of the car the car might do what?

Assuming I understand your question: The brakes are worn on one side because they are only or primarily working on that side. This should cause the car to pull toward that side when braking.

I justed changed tires on your 92 Lumina and now it doesnt want to move forward or back as if the brakes are locked?

are the tires the same size and did you take this to a shop they could of adjusted your brakes when the wheel were off i know at my shop when we tend to do tires f the rear brakes need to be adjusted we will do them in the tire package if this is the case after a good run in the car with a bit of braking it should go back to about the same as it was once pad make there new grooves

What are the steps of applying the brakes on a bicycle?

1) The bicycle's wheels have kinetic energy. 2) Then you apply the brakes. 3) After, the pads rub agaianst the wheel. 4) As a result, the bicycle stops. Rear brakes should be used for general breaking, the harder they are applied the faster the braking, front brake need to be used with caution not to be applied to hard as the weight is placed onto the front wheel when breaking, this weight make the front weel more effecting in braking less chance of lockup, if lock up is caused its very easy to loose control and could also cause endo where the back wheel can be raised up and rider goes over handle bars. Breaking should be avoided on corners, break before the corner is preferable. Slow braking use rear brakes. Fast braking use front & rear together

Caliper brakes should they stop the bike?

They certainly should. If they don't, check out, or for info on how to set up and adjust brakes. Replacing pads and cleaning rims is usually a good start. If your rims are steel you'll always have poor braking when compared to aluminum rims.

What does it mean when the abs light comes on and stays on in a 1992 Grand Am?

It means there is a problem with your braking system and should be serviced as soon as possible. Your brakes could fail at any time.

What brakes need to be changed more regularly with 2005 Toyota Corolla?

Unusual question. The 2005 Toyota Corolla has disc brakes up from and brake shoes in the rear. The break pads, (in the front), usually last approximately 30,000 miles. However this is not set in concrete. Brake replacement varies according to use, driving conditions and individual driver habits. People that drive with their left foot on the brake pedal, (and some do), will go through brakes faster. If the vehicle is used to deliver newspapers to homes will go through brakes very fast. When you do change your front brakes, be sure and use genuine Toyota Brake Pads. Most after market pads squeel and are often made of inferior material. Secondly, be sure and have the rotors trued in the process. Rear brakes. The rear brakes will often last 60,000 miles or longer. The reason? The front brakes do 70 percent of the stopping so the rear brakes last longer. The rear brakes should be adjusted every 7500 to 10000 miles and should not be an expensive service. $30.00 to $50.00 and you will get a front and rear cleaning in the process. Hope this helped. Chuck 25 year retired Toyota service manager.

How do I know when it's time to change the brakes on my car?

You should bring your car in to a shop or a place like auto zone etc. They will inform you on the condition of your brakes and when they need to be changed out.

Does the timing chain for Toyota rav4 2006 have to be changed?

I have asked this question of the dealer, twice now. The answer is that it should last for the life of the engine. If you had an older Toyota, like I did, with a timing belt, it had to be changed at an interval recommended by Toyota. No such interval exists for chains, according to my dealer.

Should you brake with the front brakes?

This depends on what vehicle one is talking about. For motorcycles the front brake generally has by far the most available braking power. This also generally true for cars, too, but with a motorcycle one can apply the front and rear brakes separately.

When should the timing belt be changed on a 1996 Toyota RAV4?

Between 60K & 90K miles